Share medical reports on iPhone with doctors

Apple’s iPhones collect a range of information about your health and put it into medical reports, and it also collects data on your Apple Watch.

And you put all this data in the health app on the phones, where the iPhone health app is one of the best health apps right now.

And you can share these various health reports and medical information via iOS 15 with your family members or directly with your doctor.

Share medical reports on iPhone

The phone prepares and maintains medical reports in its health application, so you can access these reports through the following steps:

Head to the Health app on the phone’s home screen, and then choose Browse, and you can choose any item you want to view.

You find a range of medical items and information collected by the phone. These items include your daily activity, body measurements, and heart measurements.

It also includes information about your sleep and wake cycles as well as feeding items that you manually enter.

You can share this information with any of your contacts who use iPhones and iOS 15, but you must use them.

This feature is exclusive to iPhones using iOS 15, and will not work with contacts that rely on Android phones.

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You can share medical reports by following these steps:

Go to the health app on your phone, and then click on the sharing tab, and then click on the Share with someone button.

After that, choose the contact you want to share the medical reports with, and the phone will show you a group of suggested parties.

You can also search for the entity you wish to share reports with by typing its name in the search box that appears to you.

After that, the application will suggest you a set of data that you can share, and you can share all health reports or specific reports.

When you have finished selecting the reports you want, you can click on the share button to start the sharing process directly.

And you can view the reports that have been shared with you by going to the sharing section of the Health app to find an alert that there is data that has been shared with you.

And when you click on this alert, it shows you all the reports that have been shared with you and you can easily access them.

You also get alerts when something worth alerting about the health of the user who shared the alerts with you occurs, and this means that you get an alert in the event that the other person’s blood pressure rises, falls, or suffers any health ailment that made him call for an ambulance.

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