Demonstrations in support of President Said’s decisions in Tunisia

A demonstrator raises a banner in support of President Saeed’s decisions

Today, Sunday, thousands of people demonstrated in Tunisia in support of the decisions taken by President Kais Saied more than two months ago to freeze parliament and dismiss the prime minister.
The demonstrators gathered on Habib Bourguiba Street in the center of the capital, Tunis, chanting, “The people want the dissolution of Parliament,” “We are all Kais Saied, we are all Tunisia,” “The decisions of July 25 are a revolution within the revolution,” “Forward Kais Said,” and “An undemocratic constitution.”
Saeed announced on July 25 the freezing of Parliament and the dismissal of Prime Minister Hisham Al-Meshishi, citing Article 80 of the Constitution, which allows these decisions to be taken in the face of an “imminent danger”.
Security forces deployed in large numbers throughout Habib Bourguiba Street and surrounded the demonstrators who were stationed in front of the Municipal Theater building, waving the Tunisian flag.
Pictures of President Said and placards reading “The people want a revision of the constitution,” “Saeed, the people’s official spokesman,” and “With you to the end.”
On Wednesday, Saeed assigned a woman unknown in the political scene, Najla Bouden, to form a new government that works to combat corruption and address economic and social priorities.

Source: AFP


Demonstrations support President Saids decisions Tunisia

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