For the first time… Egypt participates in the “Global Investor Week” at the Knowledge Complex for Financial Education

For the first time… Egypt participates in the “Global Investor Week” at the Knowledge Complex for Financial Education
For the first time… Egypt participates in the “Global Investor Week” at the Knowledge Complex for Financial Education

Dr. Mohamed Omran, Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Authority, announced the authority’s participation in the activities of the “Global Investor Week” for the fifth year in a row, which is promoted by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and coordinates its activities among its members in the markets of 100 countries after the initiative achieved Positive results in enhancing the financial culture of investors and protecting them in the past years.

The head of the authority said that the activities of this year’s initiative are characterized by holding a mixture of educational meetings between activities with an actual presence in the knowledge complex for non-banking financial culture in the authority, coinciding with the conduct of activities – remotely – using the international information network – via the Zoom application – in line with the applied precautionary measures. To counter the threat of the spread of the new Corona virus.

The two types of events – actual and virtual – include educational meetings for young people, especially Egyptian university students in various governorates, to spread financial culture, achieve financial inclusion, and their keenness to provide non-banking financial services to all segments of society, including young people from the age group from 16 to 21 years, which leads to strengthening the culture of saving and investment among This category, in addition to publishing many communication messages to provide information and knowledge about the capital market in Egypt and to introduce how to deal in the stock market, the risks of investing in the stock market and the importance of diversifying the investment portfolio, in addition to specific messages focusing on investor protection that are published in the markets of 100 member states. In IOSCO to raise awareness of potential investors and educate them financially.

He added that this year’s “Global Investor Week” is characterized by its activities in Egypt by exploiting the activities of the “Knowledge Complex for Financial Culture”, which aims to promote the principles of green finance and introduce green bonds and how to issue them, after the Egyptian capital market witnessed the first issuance of it by a company with a value of $100 million from Through the “Regional Center for Sustainable Finance”, in addition to exploiting the expertise of the knowledge complex in spreading the culture of arbitration and consensual settlement of disputes, especially in the field of non-bank financial activities through the Egyptian Center for Voluntary Arbitration and Settlement of Non-Banking Financial Disputes.

The activities of the “Global Investor Week” also include employing the activities of the “Knowledge Complex for Financial Culture”, which was opened at the beginning of last August to spread the culture of governance and apply its rules and principles to achieve good governance through its arm, the Egyptian Institute of Directors. Giving an overview of money laundering reports in the financial markets and raising the level of knowledge and application in them.

Dr. noted. Imran the authority’s keenness to participate in the “Global Investor Week” initiative annually to disseminate protection messages to dealers in non-banking financial instruments, where the Department of Investor Awareness Protection introduces non-bank financial instruments subject to the supervision and control of the authority, and the supervisory role of the authority that it exercises to achieve the safety and stability of non-bank financial markets banking. Through several mechanisms provided by Law No. 10 of 2009 to the Authority to protect the rights of dealers in the markets and achieve a balance between them or whatever measures it deems necessary to limit manipulation and fraud in the markets.

It is worth noting that Egypt retains its seat for the fourth consecutive term (2020-2022) in the membership of the IOSCO Board of Directors represented by the Financial Supervisory Authority. A state to abide by in order to ensure fairness, transparency and efficiency of markets and to manage the risks associated with them. The organization’s membership includes about 95% of the world’s financial markets, represented by about 120 supervisory and supervisory bodies, in addition to the membership of a number of international and regional financial organizations.

Dr. Mohamed Omran, Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Authority, was previously elected last May as Chairman of the Developing and Emerging Markets Committee at IOSCO, and by assuming this new position, Egypt became Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Organization of Capital Markets Supervisory Authorities for the first time in the history of the Egyptian capital market since its inception more than a year ago. 130 years old.

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