The artists pay tribute to the rapper who was killed in a motorcycle accident

The artists pay tribute to the rapper who was killed in a motorcycle accident
The artists pay tribute to the rapper who was killed in a motorcycle accident

(MDA Spokeswoman)

Rapper Noam “Nomi” Cohen was killed in a motorcycle accident last Friday when he was only 29 years old. Cohen rode a motorcycle and skidded on Road 4, near Givat Shmuel.

MDA paramedic Tomer Guzman and MDA paramedic Shlomo Levy said: “The rider was lying on the road about 15 meters from the motorcycle while unconscious and suffering from a multi-system injury. We performed medical tests but he was without signs of life and we have no choice but to determine His death. “

Cohen worked for a decade in Israeli hip hop, releasing an album called: “Rockstar Atonement” and recently also working on a new album. Cohen warmed up the singer Nichi Nichi (Ravid Plotnik).

Ravid Plotnik, who was close to Noam, wrote on his Instagram account: “I’m just in shock. What a guy he is. And I say thank you a hundred times. “

“He had the potential to be a wild star from the movies and yet the most pleasant man to be around. Noam” Nomi “Cohen. A heart of gold, a talented guy full of potential and huge dreams. Matan Sharon’s worded it accurately – fucking rockstar until the last minute. Of blessed memory”.

Static also wrote: “We grew up together. Not in the same place. Not in the same group, but in the same culture and music. We did not always see eye to eye, but we always knew how to overcome and understand that in the end we are in the same group. You are a worthy artist in every sense. And in general, we will miss Nomi.

Rapper Lukech also wrote about Cohen: “He was a good guy. Above all he was a good guy. A talented man, a scary rapper, an excellent performer, an amazing creator but most importantly, a really good guy. I don’t know what to write, I’m pretty shocked, trying It’s hard for me to digest, it’s hard for me to find words to sum up a person’s life. “

“The life of a man so talented and so good that he went at such a young age. I do not know what to write it is difficult for me to digest. Forgive me. For the music that will always stay with us. “

Cohen will be laid to rest today (Sunday) in the new cemetery in Be’er Sheva at 5:00 p.m.

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