Corona Cabinet: The Ministry of Health recommends abolishing the green label in a number of industries

Corona Cabinet: The Ministry of Health recommends abolishing the green label in a number of industries
Corona Cabinet: The Ministry of Health recommends abolishing the green label in a number of industries

The Corona Cabinet is convening tonight (Sunday) for the first time in about a month. During the discussion, ministers are expected to focus on three things: presenting a snapshot, trends and data to ministers, discussing thinking about how to incentivize those who did not get a booster to do so, and discussing and voting for a barcode in business to scan a green mark, a vote stopped last Friday Minister Zeev Elkin.

At the beginning of the debate, the prime minister said, Naftali Bennett: “The good news is – we have started to block the delta. But right now it is dangerous to let go. When the virus starts to retreat – we must not let it recover.”

“We need to continue to manage the situation closely, not to send a mask to the public but vice versa. I feel that in recent days the public is beginning to understand the policy that this government has been pursuing, consistently, since the Delta outbreak: Israel is as open as possible Tests, a mass of vaccines and boosters, close and dynamic management of the situation and personal responsibility of the citizens, “he added.

According to him, the next and most urgent task is to finish as soon as possible with the mass isolations in the schools soon. “Children need to be in school, not zooming in or out in unnecessary isolation. Parents need to be able to go to work and families need stability, to know what’s going on with them tomorrow morning.”

“Therefore, we have seriously studied what is being done in the UK, in Germany, in the US. I say here clearly – the mass isolations in the education system should end as soon as possible. We are currently preparing an infrastructure of millions of antigen tests that will enable this. We will follow the pilot and other pilots that have started in recent days, and we will make a decision soon, “he continued.

Bennett added that “we will also prepare for a variant that does not yet exist, what we call ‘omega’, or a variant that bypasses the vaccine, which is the worst case scenario of all. We continue to ensure that our warehouses remain full, and that there is a continuous inventory of vaccines and medicines. “

“The work is very good. I want to congratulate the people in the health care system who are at the forefront every day, in the hospitals, in the health funds, in the ministry itself, and in general all the people involved from all the various government ministries. It is really a multi-dimensional campaign At the end of the tunnel, “he concluded.

During the discussion, the Ministry of Health recommended that the cabinet ministers switch from green to purple within a week, unless there is an increase in morbidity in a number of areas – attractions and outdoor restaurants and gyms and restaurants. Meanwhile, in terms of isolating children who were in contact with a child verified the ministry recommended an examination based on the Green Class pilot result.

Meanwhile, additional restrictions will not be put to the vote, given the position of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz that they are not needed at this stage.

In addition, a report was presented during the discussion by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah, which monitor the state of corona morbidity in Israel, according to which the decline in morbidity in all sectors is intensifying in accordance with preliminary estimates.

The report shows that a combination of updating the validity of the green label along with expanding the impetus operation is expected to lead to a further decline even given the opening of schools. In addition, the reduction in morbidity is expected to lead to a significant reduction in the burden of isolation also in the implementation of the current policy. At the same time, the report emphasizes that a large gap in morbidity has been maintained between booster vaccinated and non-valid and unvaccinated vaccinated.

The report also states that “as long as a significant part of the population that does not have a valid vaccine remains, morbidity will be maintained and there is a risk of an outbreak. In light of this, there is an advantage in formulating a monitoring method for the rest of the year.”

As mentioned, the director general of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, said this morning in an interview here that in light of the decrease in morbidity, the ministry will not demand the imposition of restrictions: “We are at the beginning of the exit from the fourth wave, there is still a long way to go. I am more optimistic, the number of verified continues to decline, the coefficient of infection is low. In light of the decline in morbidity we will not come up with requirements for exacerbation. What we have wanted in recent weeks is becoming less relevant. “

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