Charge: A drunk driver in a fire truck and caused the death of 4-year-old Pnina

The Central District Attorney’s Office filed an indictment today (Sunday) against firefighter Amit Cohen, for causing death by negligence and drunk driving. This is due to the car accident in which he was involved while driving a fire truck – as a result of which the 4-year-old girl Pnina Moshe was killed.

According to the indictment, in an accident that occurred about two months ago, Cohen was driving a fire truck on an operational trip while intoxicated and after using prohibited substances. He entered the intersection at a red light contrary to procedures and hit hard in the vehicle in which Pnina and Ima were driving. As a result of the injury, Pnina was fatally injured and her death was determined at the hospital, and her mother was lightly injured.

The scene of the accident | Photo: Police spokeswoman

“The defendant was driving around the city of Ramla when the fire engine lights were flashing and a siren was activated,” the prosecution claims. “At a certain point during his trip, the defendant entered the intersection, when the intersection is not vacant and the traffic light in the direction of his travel is red, contrary to fire and rescue procedures. As a result, the defendant collided with the fire truck in a private vehicle.

“As a result of the accident,” the indictment reads, “the minor suffered a head injury that included a deep and long incision in the scalp and face as well as numbness in the thighs.

According to the indictment, in Cohen’s blood, alcohol was found in excess of the permitted amount, as well as a cannabis wall at a concentration of 151 milligrams. He is charged with causing death by negligent driving, reckless driving which resulted in a road accident in which a person was injured and property was damaged and drunk driving.


Charge drunk driver fire truck caused death #4yearold Pnina

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