Ben Caspit reveals: Is Yaakov Bardugo on his way to politics?

Ben Caspit reveals: Is Yaakov Bardugo on his way to politics?
Ben Caspit reveals: Is Yaakov Bardugo on his way to politics?

Media man and activist Yaakov Bardugo recently consulted with quite a few factors on the political and media map about the possibility of forming a party and running independently for elections. In quite a few recent talks on Bardugo around the issue, the name of MK Amichai Shikli as a possible candidate to join this list also comes up. The name of MK Orly Levy-Abaxis, who is very close to Bardugo, is also included in these speculative assessments. According to several sources with whom Bardugo spoke recently, he says that the issue has already been examined in several field polls and the potential of a party of this type is estimated at about 8 seats.

The chances of such a scenario coming true are not high. It is possible that Bardugo is indeed toying with the idea, or, alternatively, launching an experimental balloon to test the reactions of the public, the political and media system and the brass. Another option is to signal to his employers in Gali Tzahal ahead of the possibility that his activity at the station will be canceled or limited, in the sense that “anyone who did not want me in Gali Tzahal may still find me in the Ministry of Defense.”

Bardugo has been infected with the political bacterium for decades, ever since he was an associate and adviser to Foreign Minister David Levy. He is an active businessman and an effective political activist, who took a significant part in concocting the “deal” that led Orly Levy-Abaxis from the Meretz work list to Benjamin Netanyahu’s lap, immediately after the previous election. Other names mentioned as recruiting options for his list are his members of “Parliament” in one of the Tzahala cafes, attorneys Zion Amir and Efi Naveh, the name of Dr. Avishai Ben-Haim was also mentioned. It must be noted that this flowering of names does not obligate the people themselves.

At least for MK Shikli, this plan fits exactly with his plan to form an independent party, given the fact that if he is declared a “rebel” by the “right” party, he will not be able to defect to the Likud in the next election (unless he resigns ahead of time). Such a party is supposed to lean on the base of the “right”, plus riding the “ethnic demon” that Avishai Ben-Haim recently channeled from Channel 13. From here to a real list for the Knesset, the road is still very long, but speech exists, the plan is woven and dreams are woven. Meanwhile.

If he does run it will not be the first time. In 2002, Bardugo tried his hand at the Likud primaries, ahead of the 2003 election. As far as is known, he did not even finish second, but in third or fourth place in the South.

Avishai Ben Haim (Photo: 13 screenshot)

Ben Caspit reveals: Is Yaakov Bardugo on his way to politics?

Today, Maariv’s senior commentator, Ben Caspit, referred to the possibility that IDF broadcaster Yaakov Bardugo would join national politics and form a party, and said in a broadcast on 103FM that Bardugo also conducted internal polls, in which he was a handsome achievement. Caspit talked about it. With Yinon Magal in their joint program on 103FM.

Ben: There is a news story, talking in recent weeks about starting a party. He says he has good polls in hand. The names mentioned as partners for his party are mostly your idol Shikli, and Orly Levy. And I say then why not our Yinon? He has been there before, he is also much more popular in my opinion than all of these.
Yinon: I consult with my associates and joke about my doctors.

Ben: But the news is serious.
Inon: That Bardugo wants to form a party? Everyone in the end wants to go? I did not understand.

Ben: I did not, register, I was asked several times and I said no. There is nothing to talk about, thank you and peace.
Yinon: I do not rule out the possibility that in a few years I will get tired of you going to the Knesset.

Ben: You will not get tired of me, I reinvent myself every morning just for you.
Inon: Out of boredom, you see.

Ben: You need an interest in life, we already understand that. As for Bardugo, I think that either it is a covert threat, I am being thrown out of the GLC? If you dare, I will get back to you through the Knesset, or it is serious.
Yinon: What is there in Yair Lapid that he does not have?

Ben: There’s a list but it’s not for now.
Yinon: He made far less leaks than Lapid, but Lapid Ashkenazi, an elitist, that’s all. So they apply to him all the time, but with the amount of nonsense he says and does, if he was Oriental they would have already killed him ‘baboon’, ‘dumb’ and such. He is Ashkenazi, elitist, Tel Aviv so everything is forgiven and he gets 17 seats, how much did he get? This is the difference, do you understand what is being done here for Ashkenazis?

Ben: In the editing of this latest item, Medium News, all sorts of details have been dropped that you ask what is in the torch that is not in it. Against Lapid I was not a police recommendation for prosecution for example, against Lapid there was no auditor’s report on his time in the lottery or in the company of the local government, I do not remember. In short, Lapid did not slip his teeth and was never recommended for indictment. I can continue but I Do not want.

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Ofri Glichman / 103 fm

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