A surveillance camera monitors the moment of the death of a young man during prayer in Alexandria

Issam Amer

Posted on: Saturday, October 2, 2021 – 11:38 PM | Last update: Saturday October 2, 2021 – 11:38 PM

A short 47-second video clip, recorded by a surveillance camera, monitored the moment of the death of a young man named Ahmed El-Sayed, 39, a security guard, prostrating himself while performing prayer at night, inside his workplace in a radiology center, located in the Smouha area, east of Alexandria, and it was circulated, today, Saturday, from The pioneers of the social networking site “Facebook”.

The circulating video clip, which recorded 52 thousand and 700 views, 2100 interactions, 1000 comments, and 450 shares, within 10 hours of its publication, showed that at the chimes of 12, 50 minutes and 41 seconds from midnight on September 28, the “young” fell on the prayer rug. And he breathed his last, during the second prostration.

According to the comments on the video, which spread under the titles “Good conclusion, and what is between you and your Lord, and whoever lived on something died on it”, the deceased, residing in the Hadra area, which is affiliated with the Sidi Gaber Police Department, east of Alexandria, is married, and has 3 children. One of them is sick, and the oldest of them is a child in middle school.


surveillance camera monitors moment death young man prayer Alexandria

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