Learn about this electric car and its features (photos)

After noticing the great demand for its first electric car, the Chinese company Wuling decided to launch another more advanced vehicle with a distinctive design.

The new Wuling Mini EV comes with an elegant body design with a length of 2 meters and 49 centimeters, which facilitates its movement and maneuverability during traffic jams and makes parking easy in narrow places and streets.

The body of this car comes from aluminum and fiber, durable and shock-resistant, weighing 860 kg, and equipped with 12-inch wheels, a small luggage compartment, and front and rear lamps with excellent lighting thanks to modern LED technologies.

Its cabin is equipped with seats for two passengers, and its driving interface has an advanced multimedia system, and a screen opposite the driver works as an electronic dashboard through which many of the car’s technologies can be controlled.

This vehicle will be powered by electric motors with a torque of 33 hp capable of increasing its acceleration to 100 km / h, and it will get batteries with a capacity of 28 kW, enough to cover a distance of 305 km on a single charge.

Sales of the car are supposed to start in China and some international markets at the end of this year, with prices starting at about $ 9,000.


Learn electric car features photos

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