Electricity of Lebanon warns of total darkness at any time

Electricity of Lebanon warns of total darkness at any time
Electricity of Lebanon warns of total darkness at any time

The electrical network is exposed to frequent breakdowns due to the decline in production capacity to record levels, as a result of not providing the necessary fuel to operate the plants at the required levels. This breakdown causes outages of up to 24 hours in some areas.

The last collapse was, according to the corporation’s statement, yesterday, Saturday, as “the total production capacity of the Deir Ammar and Al-Zahrani plants decreased to less than 500 megawatts, and the network was subjected to a general interruption, and the Corporation worked to rebuild it with its remaining capabilities.”

The Corporation indicated that this reality has made it “almost impossible to maintain the stability and stability of the electrical network, which threatens its comprehensive collapse at any moment and the inability to build it again, due to the low production capacity on the one hand, and the continued existence of major transmission stations outside the control of the Corporation on the other hand. The de-facto forces are carrying out electrical maneuvers within them that reflect negatively and undermine the possibility of securing a minimum level of electrical supply in a fair manner in all Lebanese regions.

As for the second shipment of Iraqi fuel, which is supposed to be unloaded in Zouk and Jiyeh, the Corporation considered that “it alone will not be sufficient to raise the production capacity significantly, because the gas oil storage is close to depletion in the Al-Zahrani and Deir Ammar plants, which form the backbone.” For energy production in Lebanon, the nearest shipment of this substance is expected to arrive in the second half of this October.

Accordingly, the corporation confirmed that it had no choice but to “operate the production groups with the available reserves of fuel, and in parallel secure a production capacity of about 600 megawatts in order to completely deplete the storage. This is to reduce the frequency of public outages as much as possible and to preserve the safety of its facilities.”


Electricity Lebanon warns total darkness time

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