Hezbollah is waving the battle to expel the Americans from Lebanon and targeting any ship that enters Acre, Haifa and Tel Aviv

Hezbollah is waving the battle to expel the Americans from Lebanon and targeting any ship that enters Acre, Haifa and Tel Aviv
Hezbollah is waving the battle to expel the Americans from Lebanon and targeting any ship that enters Acre, Haifa and Tel Aviv

Beirut – “Arab Jerusalem”:

The Lebanese file is present at the French-Saudi talks table between French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and his Saudi counterpart, Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah Al Saud, where it was reported that President Emmanuel Macron would intervene in the Kingdom to open the doors of Saudi Arabia to Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

Meanwhile, the Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi said, “The current stage requires the new government to be frank and to take positions on all issues about which the people are complaining, and to provide good reasons to gain people’s support for it.” We all wished this government success, and we still do, and it remains for it to support itself with a pioneering performance and to highlight the ability of its ministers to carry out their tasks. Therefore, it should transcend the affiliations of its members, rise above parties and sects, and repel forces that seek to dominate its path and decisions. It will be able to raise the Lebanese issue in its Arab and international contacts, and to raise the issue of Lebanon’s neutrality, which remains the guarantor of the success of all solutions.”

The Patriarch responded to the statement of Ali Ghulam Rashid, commander of what is known as “the seat of the seal of the prophets” that Iran has six armies whose mission is to defend Tehran, saying, “Lebanon’s Arab and international friends are waiting for a clear policy commitment and a straight performance in order to participate in its economic and financial renaissance, away from the abhorrent duplicity.” . We cannot pretend to preserve sovereignty and leave the border crossings open, and strange positions offensive to sovereignty without a response. We cannot support legitimacy and accept the pluralism of arms and contempt for institutions, and the establishment of an army affiliated with a foreign country, as one of the senior officials in that country admitted. We cannot talk about securing the school year, nor do we provide schools and universities with the necessary aid and the appropriate conditions to start normally. We cannot raise the slogan of disassociation and remain biased towards regional axes that are incompatible with Lebanon’s interest. We cannot promise that aid will come and disagree over the deficit figures and how to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund. We cannot insist on investigating the crime of the port, and we refrain from defending the judicial investigator and the judiciary.”

On the other hand, the head of Hezbollah’s Political Council, Sheikh Hashem Safi al-Din, defended the party’s performance, and saw that “the issue of the entry of diesel tanks into Lebanon, not only for the sake of diesel, but a matter related to the seas and oceans, the Israeli said that he could not do anything with the ships. that the Islamic Republic of Iran sent to Hezbollah, and the reason is that it does not want Hezbollah to enter the equation of war on the seas, and this indicates the weakness of the Israelis, which has increased our strength, because Israel knows that our missiles reach the farthest point inside the occupied Palestinian territories, and therefore We can prevent any ship from entering Acre, Haifa, Tel Aviv or anywhere, so can Israel continue in this way if it attacks Iranian ships?”

Safi El-Din pointed out that “the Americans influence Lebanon security, politically, financially and economically, and they are strong in the Lebanese state, and they have a lot inside it, but we have not yet fought a battle to remove the United States of America from the state apparatus, but if the right day comes and we fight this battle, he will witness The Lebanese are something else.

For his part, Member of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc, Representative Hassan Fadlallah, responded to the position of representatives in the US Congress regarding the investigations into the Beirut port explosion, as they called on the Lebanese government to preserve the safety of the judges, expressing their concern about the role of Hezbollah in pushing the decision to suspend this sensitive investigation. Fadlallah saw in the American position “a blatant attack on Lebanon’s sovereignty, and an overt interference in these investigations, to impose dictates on judicial decisions, which requires a clear official position in defense of Lebanon’s sovereignty, rejecting these dictations and not allowing any response to them.”

He said: “The declared US position regarding the investigations course and the role and location of the judicial investigator confirms the existence of direct US interference in this file to employ it in the context of settling American accounts inside Lebanon after the failure of the wars and siege to subjugate Lebanon.” He added: “While the preachers of sovereignty remain silent on every American attack on it, and even sympathize with it, this American employment coincides with attempts by local forces to exploit the state of acquiescence and double standards that beset investigations, and invest the blood of the martyrs and the pain of those affected, to achieve political gains and provide credentials to external parties. “.

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