The Cultural Foundation announces the winners of “Production of Performing Arts Works”

The Cultural Foundation announces the winners of “Production of Performing Arts Works”
The Cultural Foundation announces the winners of “Production of Performing Arts Works”

The Cultural Foundation, managed by the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, has announced the names of the artists participating in the first edition of the Performing Arts Production Program, which provides the 16 winners with the support and approval necessary to produce and finance their artistic creations.

Through the program, participants are given an exclusive opportunity to produce plays, performances, musical albums, or other performing arts, showcasing selected works of 16 artists during the cultural complex’s seasonal program.

A specialized committee chose the 16 winners, who are: Abdelhadi Abu Nahle, Ahmed Al Hosani, Ahmed Al Attar, Autostrad, Bashar Zarkan, Bushra Weizghan, Da Coda Music (Ibrahim Al-Junaibi, Hana Boukhris and Colton Lester), Faisal Al-Malik, Harshini Karunaratne with Carlos Baez and Arthur D. Oliveira, Khaled Barghouti, Muhammad Allam, Nosh Anand, Rasha Baroud, Radwan Mreziga, Shirin Seif, and Ursula Bernat Galucha. The Cultural Foundation also hosts the artist Fernando Lopez and the Yas Theater as part of the artistic residency program.

Reem Fadda, Director of the Cultural Foundation, said: “The performing arts production program aims to embody our vision of developing and engaging creative minds in our community to facilitate the creation, development and development of a sustainable artistic and cultural environment in Abu Dhabi, especially in these difficult circumstances that require us to provide the necessary support to artists and embrace ideas. encouraging new and creative endeavors. This program provides participating artists with the resources and capabilities required to develop and revitalize their artistic concepts and focus on their creative goals.

Last June, the department announced that sponsoring the local creative movement is a vital goal for the cultural and creative industries sector in the emirate, and is in line with Abu Dhabi’s cultural strategy for the next five years. Ambitious initiatives, such as the Performing Arts Production Program, build on the core objectives of the cultural and creative industries; It provides creative professionals with long-term career opportunities, as well as its role in promoting local talent, and consolidating the position of Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a global center for culture and creativity.

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