Researchers deceive the “malicious” into killing himself

Researchers deceive the “malicious” into killing himself
Researchers deceive the “malicious” into killing himself

Researchers have managed to revolutionize the fight against cancerous tumors by developing a new technology that makes cancerous tumors fight themselves.

According to the American website “The Brighter Side”, the technology developed by researchers at the University of “Zurich”, Switzerland, enables the body to produce “therapeutic agents on demand and in the exact location.”

Scientists at the University of Zurich have modified a common respiratory virus called adenovirus to deliver cancer-treating genes directly to cancer cells. And unlike chemotherapy or radiotherapy, this approach does not harm normal healthy cells, which means that their negative side effects are minimized.

“We trick the tumor into killing itself,” said Sheena Smith, who led the research team. This is done through the production of anti-cancer agents by its cells.

The researchers’ findings found that after a few days of applying the innovation, the body produced more antibodies in the tumor “than is produced by other treatments.”

The researchers said: They are currently applying their technology in a project aimed at treating the “Corona” virus, which will allow the production of more antibodies to “Covid-19” in lung cells.


Researchers deceive malicious killing

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