Her image occupied the world.. The father of a girl at Kabul Airport reveals surprising details.. Video

The image of the Afghan baby taken by an American soldier from her parents over the fence of Kabul Airport is still stuck in the minds of thousands around the world, after the Taliban movement took control of the capital, but the fate of the baby and her family remained ambiguous after they managed to escape.

However, the baby’s father revealed in an interview with the American network “CBS” that his family has now settled in Arizona, in the United States of America, recalling the scenes of what happened at the airport before they managed to escape.

Hamid, whose full name has not been released, said he was inside the vicinity of Hamid Karzai International Airport when he saw his wife and baby “Lea” in a state of collapse, so he begged the marines to raise his baby girl.
He also added that he had been living at Kabul airport for the whole month of August, and had been working as a translator to assist the US Marines in the evacuation efforts, and had missed the birth of his daughter 16 days ago.

Also, Hamid, who worked with US forces for five years, explained that at the time he threw his baby into the hands of a marine, confident that she would be fine. He added that he plans to give eight-week-old Leah the middle name “Marines”. In honor of the soldiers who saved her.

He said that while he was living at the airport, he was unable to leave to meet his newborn daughter and could only speak to his wife, Saadia, on the phone as she went through a difficult birth.
In addition, he stated that he had asked his wife to flee to the airport with reports that his colleagues and other American allies had disappeared as the Taliban completed their control of Afghanistan on August 19.

He added that, as a result of his work with the army, he obtained information that some people were killed or missing, so his wife and her infant daughter rushed with all their belongings to the airport.

He said he spotted his daughter in the chaos from the other side of the fence and watched for hours as his family tried to cross the gate. “I knew it would never work. She would be crushed to death, God forbid, or seriously injured,” he added.
He also noted that he pleaded with a Marine who was standing on a cart along the barbed wire fence to help pass his child.

While the American soldier said that the only thing he could do was lift her over the barbed wire, but indicated that she would get hurt. The father replied, “I’d rather you get hurt than die.”
In addition, he confirmed that the marines agreed to retrieve the child, and with Hamid holding the soldier’s legs to stabilize him, they were able to lift the baby, Leia, over the barrier, allowing Hamid to carry her for the first time, as he had not seen her since her birth.

Hours later, the wife made it through the gate and the family was reunited as they prepared for the evacuation flight.

Hamid concluded his speech, pointing out that he learned of the famous video that was circulated to his daughter when the family landed in America only, noting that he hopes to meet and embrace the soldier who saved his daughter.

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