A horrific crime… he killed his wife because she refused to go to a wedding with his mother!

In a new horrific crime to be added to the escalating series of domestic violence crimes in Syria, a Syrian citizen shot and killed his wife, claiming, after he rescued her, that she had been shot in the middle of the public street.

In the details revealed by the Syrian Ministry of Interior, the Sayeda Zeinab Police Station in Damascus countryside reported that a woman in her thirties had entered a hospital in the area, and because of the seriousness of her injury, she was transferred to Damascus Hospital and died there, due to an unknown gunshot wound while walking on the public street, according to what was reported. It came in the testimony of witnesses who rescued her.

The Syrian Ministry of Interior added: “Through the investigation and gathering of information by the Babila district police, it was found that the victim was not killed in the public street, but was killed in her husband’s house with a military rifle. Their testimonies are forged and that they covered up the killer because he is their friend.”

A statement by the Syrian Interior Ministry stated: “The murderer was searched and arrested, and it was found that he was called (Abdul Aziz. K), and during interrogation he confessed to having killed his wife, Hawra. H, following a dispute between them because of her refusal to go to a wedding with his mother, so he declared He shot her with his rifle, then he rescued her with his friends to the hospital and they claimed that she was hit on the public street. necessary against false witnesses, and they will be brought with the killer to the competent judiciary to receive their just punishment.”


horrific crime killed wife refused wedding mother

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