It started by chance.. The media advisor to “Van Dam” reveals to “Masrawy”

It started by chance.. The media advisor to “Van Dam” reveals to “Masrawy”
It started by chance.. The media advisor to “Van Dam” reveals to “Masrawy”

Books- Mustafa Hamza:

Through the Facebook pages, artist Mohamed Henedy and international star Jean-Claude Van Damme exchanged the announcement of their entry into a challenge to present a combat match at the foot of the pyramid, and day after day the comments became hotter, and the matter reached the point of promoting the existence of an art project that brings together the two stars.

Walid El-Telbani, media advisor to the international star, Jean-Claude Van Dam, in an exclusive statement to “Masrawy”, talked about the beginning of the idea of ​​​​the challenge, and said: “The whole issue started by chance and humour, as we were in a video meeting, Cole, and the artist, Jean-Claude Van Dam, spotted on the page. A picture of the artist, Mohamed Henedy, from the movie “The Great Bean of China”, wearing a sponge suit, and showing a muscular macho. One of the fans of the international artist had posted it on the page and wrote, “A big and strong movie from Professor Henedy.”

He added: “Vandam asked me about the picture and the comment, and I told him about the film and the written comment, and he wrote a comic response for his part, and about 10 days later he published on his Facebook page, a picture of him with the two stars Jackie Chan and Shahrukh Khan, and for his part, the artist Muhammad Henedy responded by publishing a picture of him. And the late artist Alaa Wali Al-Din, with the artists Ahmed El-Sakka and Karim Abdel Aziz, wrote commenting on a picture that radiates more luxurious, and from here the Hazar began.

And he continued, “Vandam wrote in his comment: You look insistent on the challenge at the foot of the pyramid. After that, the two stars continued to exchange comment on the challenge, and I, in turn, translated what was written to him in Arabic, whenever I found a comment.”

International star Jean-Claude Van Damme had participated in 2019 in presenting an advertisement for a telecommunications company, with the participation of artist Mohamed Ramadan, and presented a song entitled “Hidden Fun”.

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