Verdict: The father refused vaccinations

Verdict: The father refused vaccinations
Verdict: The father refused vaccinations

The Jerusalem Rabbinical Court ruled that a mother can vaccinate her children against the corona virus, even though the father, from whom she divorced, is refusing vaccines and demands not to do so. However, in response to the claim that the mother did not allow him to meet the children due to his refusal to be vaccinated, the judges ruled “the court will not be able to go over this on the agenda, for all that that implies.”

This is a case that was opened a few months ago, so a mother applied to the rabbinical court and accepted that her ex-husband refuses to vaccinate their joint children, aged 13 and 15. “The father is not vaccinated and refuses to vaccinate the children. She claims that the father is among vaccine opponents and prevents the children from receiving the second vaccine,” the tribunal’s decision last August said.

The father, for his part, responded to the court with a 50-page response in which he tried to convince the judges that the children should not be vaccinated. In response to the father, the mother attached a pediatrician’s certificate stating that the two boys were not suffering from a medical problem, and wrote “strongly recommends vaccinating the boy against the corona virus”.

The judges examined previous decisions of the courts in the matter and then examined what is in the best interests of the child in the matter, this is because in these matters what determines is the best interests of the child and not the will or the good of the parents. Finally, they ruled that “after examining the best interests of the specific child and in light of all the above, the court states that the mother may vaccinate the minor, the son of the parties, even in the second vaccine against Corona virus, even without the father’s consent, provided the son agrees to the vaccination.” His adult age.


Verdict father refused vaccinations

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