Watch.. a video documenting the moment of the death of a young man during prayer

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video clip that monitors the death of a young man during his prayers at his workplace in the Smouha area of ​​Alexandria Governorate, the video that spread widely under the comment “Good conclusion”, and other influential phrases.

In the details, the surveillance cameras monitored the young man, Ahmed El-Sayed (39 years), who was working as a security guard in one of the centers in the Smouha area, in the Alexandria governorate, while he was praying alone at his workplace.

The video, which was recorded through the center’s surveillance cameras, was monitored on the 29th of last September. The video showed the young man during his prayers, and after prostrating himself, the young man fell on the prayer rug, and died of a sudden heart attack.

Relatives of the deceased young man indicated to the Egyptian media that the young man, Ahmed El-Sayed, is married, has 3 children, and resides in the Hadra area in a neighborhood in central Alexandria.

The young man’s friends also mourned with poignant words, including “What is between you and your Lord” and “Whoever lives on something dies on it”, and some of them commented on “a good conclusion”, and one of his friends commented, “Ahmed died prostrating in the hands of God … and you were seeking the livelihood of your children and your daughter.” The sick one..By God, we have seen nothing but all the best from you, loving the Qur’an and preserving it and your prayers, so you lived and died on it.”

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