Science refutes allegations of implanting slices in Corona vaccines

Since its appearance late last year, conspiracy theories have been revolving heavily around vaccines against the emerging corona virus, which has scared some of receiving them; Especially since some of them say that these vaccinations carry tracking strips, and others say that they make the recipient magnetized, with some metal objects sticking to his body.

Social media platforms witnessed a massive promotion of the aforementioned conspiracy theories, which led to their widespread spread throughout the world.

And the American businessman, Bill Gates, was the star of conspiracy theories, as some of their promoters claimed that he was behind placing the alleged slides in vaccine doses.

And “Science” quoted a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the University of Maryland, Dr. Matt Lorenz, who participated in the experiments conducted by “Moderna” and “Novavax”, said that placing the chips in vaccines “is not possible (given) the size that would be required for that chip.”

“That chip has to be connected to a source of energy (…) and in addition, that energy source has to send a signal through at least an inch of muscle, fat and skin to a remote device, which again, doesn’t make sense,” he added.

In a poll of 1,500 Americans, in July, 5 percent of respondents said the government is using the vaccine to put chips in the population, while 15 percent said it might be true.

Rumors about the vaccine and its connection to the “5G” Internet led to several attacks targeting communication towers, as well as employees working in the field.

And the site quoted the intensive care doctor at the University of Virginia, Ebony Hilton, that “this pandemic was supposed to be one of the things that brings us together, just as we gathered September 11.”

“We are still very divided. And quite frankly, the numbers in my hospital are now much higher than they were during the whole pandemic,” he added.

According to the specialized “Hamilton” company, Corona vaccines are injected using a 22-25 gauge needle, with internal diameters ranging from 0.26 mm to 0.41 mm, while the chip equipped with “5G” is slightly smaller than the size of a coin.

According to the newspaper, the Swedish company “Biohax” has developed chip systems that can be injected under the skin, but they require a much larger needle than those approved for vaccines, and yet they are still too small to include a power source or tracking capabilities.

The site also quoted Doctor Lorenz as saying that the multi-dose vaccine vials are intended for several people, “so the idea is that you can draw the exact volume required for the vaccine for an individual and randomly hope that you get a very small slice for each of them and for each person who intends to receive a dose of that vial simply It’s not possible.”

According to the newspaper, Corona vaccines are injected at a depth of at least one inch into the dense muscles, which is a great depth compared to what is needed by the slices that are implanted directly under the skin, and not in the muscles.

According to online conspiracy theorist Rachel Moran, “We can discover a lot about you just by putting your mobile phone in your pocket, or (..) when you go to the store and buy coffee these days.”

Moran confirmed that the technologies that already exist, which can be used for tracking, sing to anyone who “has placed an electronic chip in people’s wombs.”

The spread of conspiracy theories at this sensitive time has prompted some sites and social media platforms to scrutinize vaccine-related content, reaching the point of deleting posts and removing videos promoting false information.

YouTube was the last platform to announce the launch of a campaign targeting videos promoting misinformation about vaccines.

The site announced that it had removed more than 130,000 clips, since last year, for violating the platform’s policy on vaccines.

“We have steadily seen false claims about coronavirus vaccines extending to misinformation about vaccines in general. We are now at a point where scaling up the work we started with COVID-19 is more important than ever,” YouTube said.

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