“For Putin to put pressure on Assad” – why Erdogan came to Sochi

“For Putin to put pressure on Assad” – why Erdogan came to Sochi
“For Putin to put pressure on Assad” – why Erdogan came to Sochi

Under the above headline, “Eurasia Daily” published an article on the main point of contention between Russia and Turkey in Syria.

The article stated: The meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the twenty-ninth of September in Sochi, was distinguished by the fact that it took place against the background of the complexity of relations between Ankara and Washington, as Valdai Club expert Farhad Ibrahimov told Eurasia Daily, in Commenting on the outcome of the meeting.

Ibrahimov said: “President Erdogan himself noted, from the podium of the United Nations, that relations between Turkey and the United States under the new US President Joe Biden have reached their lowest levels.” “Erdogan, in his meeting with Putin, sent a signal to the West that Ankara is completely independent in this matter and will not discuss its security issues with the Americans,” he added.

The newspaper’s guest believes that relations between Moscow and Ankara are generally positive. At the same time, there are contradictions, which the two presidents are ready to discuss and exchange views on.

He said: “The main obstacle is Syria. In Idlib, Bashar al-Assad’s forces are stifling the forces loyal to Turkey, which of course does not suit Erdogan. For this, he came to Russia, so that President Putin, in turn, is trying to put pressure on Assad. The Turkish side is leaning towards a memorandum of understanding that involves On the hypothetical division of Syria into spheres of influence between Russia, Iran and Turkey, on the condition that each party undertakes certain obligations, and in the case of Turkey, Ankara pledges to reduce the number of its forces affiliated with Assad’s opposition. On the contrary, it increases their influence.In fact, this aspect is the most difficult and contradictory in Russian-Turkish relations within the framework of the Syrian problem.

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