Central – Elections in the meetings of the Minister of Interior: will take place on time

The Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, received this morning in his office, the Ambassador of the European Union, Ralph Tarraf, and they discussed the ongoing preparations for holding the upcoming elections.

He also touched on the elections file with the Director of the Office of the United Nations Development Program Celine Moero, and the way the program helped the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities to achieve the expected entitlement.

He discussed with the representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund “UNICEF” Yuki Muku, ways of cooperation between “UNICEF” and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities through the Institute of the Internal Security Forces, with regard to training on how to deal with minors.

The Minister of Interior discussed the issue of Syrian refugees in Lebanon with the head of the UNHCR mission, Aiyaki Ito.

In the afternoon, Minister Mawlawi met with MP Fouad Makhzoumi, who praised the presence of a judge in this position keen on respecting and implementing the law.

Makhzoumi quoted him as confirming that “the elections are held on time,” calling for “their elections to be held in May, not March, with the participation of expatriates in the elections after the emigration of educated youth from the country and the need to hear his opinion.”

He pointed out that “Beirut’s municipality is suffering from several problems, and that His Excellency the Minister of Interior cares for Beirut personally.”

German police chief
Minister Molloy met with the German police chief, Dieter Roman, in the presence of the new commander of the airport security service, Brigadier Nabil Abdullah, and the former commander, Brigadier General George Doumit. the airport”.


Central Elections meetings Minister Interior place time

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