Egypt warns Ethiopia of “more tension” due to its positions on the Renaissance Dam

Egypt warns Ethiopia of “more tension” due to its positions on the Renaissance Dam
Egypt warns Ethiopia of “more tension” due to its positions on the Renaissance Dam

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, warned Ethiopia that its actions in the context of the Grand Renaissance Dam issue may lead to more tension, considering that its rejection of any binding agreements is a challenge to the international community.

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Shoukry said, in statements by phone to MBC Egypt: “The latest events are related to the presidential statement issued by the UN Security Council, which is a great achievement that comes after a great effort to issue the presidential statement with its moral and material value to influence situations.”

He added, “There are contacts with the officials of the Congolese presidency in presenting the vision for the resumption of negotiations, and there is a delegation from the Congo that visited Egypt and expressed a number of ideas and is awaiting study to respond to it, and Egypt is always ready to engage in negotiations. The goal is a binding legal agreement that takes place within a short period, as mentioned in a statement. The Council and that there be an enhanced framework of observers to present solutions and proposals.

Regarding the statements of Ethiopian officials refusing to sign any binding agreement regarding the Renaissance Dam, Shoukry said: “It is a talk for local consumption, confronting internal conditions and a challenge to the international community, and it proves that Egypt has flexibility as a responsible country and casts shadows on the actions of the Ethiopian government.”

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He explained: “Egypt does not set preconditions for engaging in negotiations, and it was confirming that it was fully prepared and in good faith, but after a long period of negotiations, we have a clear vision that negotiations cannot be endless, and we place our trust in the Congolese president to resume negotiations and to conclude a specific agreement.”

He continued, “If the Ethiopian side has the desire to reach an agreement, we are fully prepared. If it continues on this intransigence, it does not indicate a comfortable situation and predict more tension at the regional level.”

He continued: “I have emphasized many times that the matter is related to preserving Egypt’s water needs, and we have seen in the first filling and the second filling, even if it has reached the set size, Egypt is taking measures that secure its needs and can continue to provide the required protection for its needs in different ways.”

Source: Egyptian media

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