Dollars and investment… New facts about the owner of “Brotherhood coffers”

The repercussions of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior’s announcement of a planned abortion aimed at reviving the Brotherhood’s activity, on Thursday, continue, especially after a video clip details the security operation carried out by the authorities, targeting the “organization treasury”, which is a residential apartment belonging to the group and where part of its funds are kept.

After the statement of the Ministry of the Interior indicated that the Brotherhood’s Yahya Mahran Othman Kamal El-Din played a prominent role in that scheme, as one of the main arms of the imprisoned Brotherhood leader, Safwan Thabet, information obtained by revealed that Mahran is one of the active leaders in the economic group that She manages the group’s funds and investments with Hassan Malik, Mamdouh Al-Husseini, Safwan Thabet, and Abdul Rahman Saudi.

Investing profits and buying dollars

The information also indicated that Mahran owns a large import and export company, which is headquartered on Shawarby Street in central Cairo, and works in the field of ready-made garments and textiles.

Safwan Thabet

Investigations also revealed that the Brotherhood leader also works in the field of foreign exchange, with an official and direct mandate from the organization’s leaders, as he follows up on the introduction of Brotherhood funds from donations into his companies and invests them, allocating 60% of their returns to buying and collecting dollars in order to reduce the value of the Egyptian pound on the one hand, and spending On the group’s activities inside Egypt on the other hand, as well as paying the rent of its headquarters and paying monthly salaries to the families of detainees from the group.

Raid the apartment and thwart the scheme

This came after the Ministry of Interior announced that the National Security Sector was able to abort a scheme aimed at reviving the organization’s activity, by working to find sources of funding for its terrorist activities.

The Egyptian security services raided an apartment, Thursday evening, and found inside it a secret room used as a treasury to hide money, in which they found an amount of 8 million and four hundred thousand dollars, and some other currencies, as well as papers belonging to the economic entities owned by the organization, and a quantity of ammunition, according to As shown in a video.

And last December, the Egyptian authorities arrested two of the most famous businessmen in Egypt, after their involvement in recruitment and money laundering operations for the group was revealed. Also, in addition to Khaled Al-Azhari, the former Minister of Manpower in the Brotherhood government, and Hatem Abdel Latif, the former Minister of Transport as well during the Brotherhood era.

In addition, the investigation authorities decided to imprison everyone on charges of joining and financing a terrorist group.

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