Mikati pledges to work for Lebanon’s return to its Arab surroundings

Mikati pledges to work for Lebanon’s return to its Arab surroundings
Mikati pledges to work for Lebanon’s return to its Arab surroundings

Beirut: «The Gulf»

Lebanese President Michel Aoun offered, with the Secretary-General of the Lebanese-Syrian Supreme Council Nasri Khoury, ways to activate relations between the two countries, coinciding with Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s affirmation of work to reconnect what was cut off in Lebanon’s relations with its Arab surroundings, at a time when professors at the Lebanese University announced the cessation of work. The Turkish company Karpowership stopped supplying electricity to Lebanon.

Aoun discussed with Khoury ways to activate relations between Lebanon and Syria. The research also touched on the results of the meetings held previously and the necessity of following them up.

Khoury explained that the Lebanese-Syrian joint technical committee, which revealed the gas pipeline between Lebanon and Syria, prepared a report indicating that the pipeline needs minor repairs to be ready for work. Arab brothers, stressing that he knows, on the other hand, the Arab brothers’ keenness to preserve Lebanon’s unity and protect it from any dangers.

On demand, the Lebanese University Professors Association held a meeting about their first meeting with the Minister of Education, Judge Abbas Al-Halabi. The authority confirmed, “the implementation of its decision to stop performing any academic work until the requirements of returning to the halls or distance education are achieved.”

In the same context, Karpowership stopped supplying Lebanon with electric power from its two ships anchored opposite the Jiyeh factories in Chouf and Zouk, east of Beirut, respectively, with the expiry of the contract yesterday morning.


Mikati pledges work Lebanons return Arab surroundings

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