Uncovering a hidden feature in Google Pixel phones that saves lives


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Tech reports revealed a hidden feature in Google Pixel phones, capable of saving lives.

And the site “Android Police” and the site “XDA Developers”, yesterday, Thursday, that the phones allow the ability to record video automatically in emergency situations.

The site’s editors downloaded an update from the Google Play store to the Pixel phone, which informs users that they can record a continuous video of up to 45 minutes, provided that they first activate the built-in Emergency SOS mode in the phone.

The two sites indicated that if the Google Pixel phone is connected to the Internet, a backup copy of the video will be automatically made to the user’s Google account, and stored there for 7 days.

Also, if the owner of the phone asks the emergency mode to automatically share the video, it will send a link to its file to any emergency contacts it has set for it.

The “automatic emergency video recording” feature can be found in the settings of the “personal security” application on Google Pixel phones, and in order to activate the emergency mode, you must press the power button on the phone for 5 times, and after activating the feature, the phone remains available for use, with A notification icon is available, to indicate that a video recording has occurred.

On the other hand, the American company, “Google”, launched a new advertisement for its latest smartphone, “Pixel 6”, which presents an epic of its main features.

Google is expected to release the Pixel 6 on October 19.


Uncovering hidden feature Google Pixel phones saves lives

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