Made of aluminum and saves fuel.. The first pictures of Talgo trains

Made of aluminum and saves fuel.. The first pictures of Talgo trains
Made of aluminum and saves fuel.. The first pictures of Talgo trains

06:31 PM

Friday 01 October 2021

Books – Osama Ali:

The official page of the Ministry of Transport published a set of pictures of Talgo trains manufactured for Egypt’s railways, from inside and outside, where 6 trains are being manufactured to join the railway fleet.

The deal is part of the Ministry of Transport’s comprehensive plan to develop the fleet of carriages and trains at the railway facility, and the new group of trains, in addition to the contract with the Hungarian-Russian alliance that is being implemented to supply 1,300 new passenger vehicles, which represents a major qualitative leap in the level of service provided to the public of passengers.

At the conclusion of his visit to Spain, Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, accompanied by Eng. Mustafa Abu Al-Makarem, visited the factories of the Talgo company in northern Spain to inspect the 6 new air-conditioned trains being manufactured for Egypt, according to the contract concluded between the two sides at a total cost of 157 million euros, including maintenance and spare parts contract.

The company confirmed that the first train from a deal to manufacture and supply 6 trains for the Egyptian Railways Authority is in the final stage of manufacturing, while the second train is in the assembly stage and the structure of the carriages of the third and fourth trains is currently being assembled. It is manufactured for Germany and Spain.

The minister added that each of the contracted trains consists of a tractor, a power car, an air-conditioned buffet car, 5 air-conditioned first-class cars and 8 second-class air-conditioned cars, pointing out that it was agreed with Talgo officials that the first train would arrive in mid-December, and that the supply schedule would be compressed. For the rest of the trains that will arrive successively.


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