Ibtihaj UAE at Expo 2020 – Al Ittihad Newspaper

Ibtihaj UAE at Expo 2020 – Al Ittihad Newspaper
Ibtihaj UAE at Expo 2020 – Al Ittihad Newspaper

On the 30th of September 2021, Expo 2020 was inaugurated, and on this beautiful occasion pervading the United Arab Emirates, these days there is great joy and rejoicing among all its residents, both citizens and residents, due to the positive economic and cultural benefits of this great event for all. After a delay that lasted for several months due to the “Covid-19” pandemic, the opening date knocked on the doors again to restore euphoria and joy to everyone’s hearts with this huge global event for which the country has prepared over the past few years and harnessed a significant amount of material and human capabilities for it to be able to From his achievement and appears in the honorable image that you aspire and awaits the whole world.

This global economic and cultural event that takes place on the land of Dubai is considered an integrated and fully described cultural-economic festival in view of the global interests, goals and objectives that are expected of it. Industrial, commercial, economic, agricultural, cultural and artistic innovations, but the major gains will be embodied in the practical and realistic display of the enormous capabilities that exist in Dubai as an Emirate and the UAE as a nation that includes everyone, and these are possibilities that are really available for everyone to benefit from. In its reality, Expo 2020 is an event that proves on the ground how the UAE deals with the data it has and the capabilities it possesses in order to be employed by rational means and rational methods to achieve the goals of comprehensive sustainable development in all economic, social and cultural aspects in a consistent harmony that many nations have failed to achieve. Earth yet.

Expo 2020 is a practical occasion to show a set of data that reveal the real potential of the UAE, at a time when the country has achieved many successes and achievements, and it has the ability and capacity to engage in an integrated economic activity at the internal level, through a unique experience in the developing world. It is now engaging the whole world to benefit collectively from that experience and expertise that it has acquired over the past fifty years of its long life.

The unique experience of the UAE did not come out of nowhere, but rather from the fact that it was able to invest ideal opportunities that were available to it to lay the foundations of a solid economy based on diversity in the sources of national income through the availability of cash flow from oil and natural gas revenues, and the momentum of growing reserves Cash and the availability of energy sources, which are valuable resources that were optimally exploited to form national capital that was not wasted in vain, but rather invested in order to build on it, in contrast to what happened in most countries whose circumstances resembled those of the UAE, so that the experience is summarized in the exploitation of available resources for development and development. And construction and production instead of waste, and this is what made the difference and the deep gap between it and its counterparts from other countries.

Undoubtedly, Expo 2020 is a fertile field for supporting the country’s foreign trade through opening up to the outside world, importing and exporting goods and services, which could make the development of the national economy in terms of productivity a factor in dealing with the outside world. The UAE, through the exhibition, is striving hard to strengthen its international trade with all countries of the world, certain of the presence of several factors on which the amount of its foreign trade depends, and it seeks to adapt these factors to work in its favor.

There are a number of factors, the most important of which is the relative superiority of some countries in some branches of production; The high production efficiency of some countries’ products compared to others; diversified global demand for goods and services; the degree of intense demand of certain countries for the products of particular countries as well; transportation costs and ease of transportation; the absence of artificial barriers between states; Finally, the intelligence and efficiency of the citizens of some countries compared to the citizens of other countries. By organizing this great exhibition, the UAE seeks to ease, adapt and facilitate global trade.

* Emirati writer


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