Important information about the electrical supply.. This is what the sources of “Electricity of Lebanon” said

Sources at Electricity of Lebanon told“Lebanon 24” “The Turkish ships have completely turned off their generators and are preparing to leave in the next few days,” noting that “in two days, the results of the fuel tests that arrived yesterday at the Zouk laboratory will be released.”

The sources pointed out that “so far, an alternative plan has not been adopted to compensate for the ships’ production that the network lost, which recently reached 24 megawatts of the two ships.”

The sources indicated that it is possible to rely on the inverter plants to make up for the recent shortage, and added: “So far, production has not been affected much, especially since the production of the two ships was small, and the main goal is to obtain large quantities of fuel in order to generate energy for all of Lebanon.”


Important information electrical supply sources Electricity Lebanon

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