The government will connect what was cut off with the Arabs

central- At a time when the Lebanese are awaiting quick rescue steps from the timely government to prevent them from further collapse, signs of complete paralysis rise, as well as signs of a gradual fall and entering more into darkness, with the “Carpowership” company stopping supplying Lebanon with electric power from its ships Fatima Gul Sultan and Orhan Bey, which are anchored opposite my factories. Jiyyeh and Zouk, respectively, with the end of the contract in the morning, while the living crises, especially those related to fuel, tend to intensify all at once due to the absence of practical solutions and the contentment of officials until now with speeches, resonant positions and promises to restore relations with the Arab brothers.

Today, hospitals raised their voices, displaying the energy costs for each patient in the hospital, at no less than 650,000 LBP. Daily, stressing that it cannot bear this burden, which will be reflected in the cost of medicine in a dramatic way, and the patient in the end is the first victim, while those concerned with the fuel sector have threatened to return the queues to the stations if approvals are not given to the importing companies and the due bills of the ships are paid.

Carpowership stop: In this context, and the day after the Jordanian Prime Minister left Lebanon, where he presented preparations to supply Beirut with Egyptian gas through his country and Syria, in order to alleviate the electricity crisis, Karpowership stopped supplying Lebanon with electric power from its two steamers, Fatima Gul Sultan and Orhan Bey, which are anchored opposite the Jiyeh and Zouk factories, respectively. The contract expires this morning. Karpowership will inform the Lebanese people through the media of the process of withdrawing its two vessels, respectively, in due course.. A spokesman for the company said: “As of October 1, our contract with EDL has ended, and therefore, we will begin the process of withdrawing the two ships. We are fully aware of the severe energy crisis in the country. During the eight years that we have been operating in Lebanon, despite all Challenges We have done everything in our power to support the Lebanese people and government to address the fundamental challenges facing the country.We wish the best to the Prime Minister, his government, and the country as a whole in the coming months and years. Karpowership has been operating its two ships since 2013, providing Lebanon with one of the least expensive and most reliable sources of energy, generating about 370 megawatts, or 25 percent of the total energy production in Lebanon, and the equivalent of 4-6 hours of electricity per day..

gas line: On the other hand, President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, presented with the Secretary-General of the Lebanese-Syrian Supreme Council Nasri Khoury the work of the General Secretariat, especially ways to activate relations with Syria in all fields.. Khoury explained that “the Lebanese-Syrian Joint Technical Committee, which revealed the gas pipeline between Lebanon and Syria, has prepared a report indicating that the pipeline needs minor repairs to be ready for operation.”.

Queues return unless… At the level of fuel, the crisis will soon renew unless. A member of the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners, George Al-Barraks, tweeted on his Twitter account: “In order to preserve what we are currently witnessing in terms of a breakthrough in the gasoline crisis and the absence of car queues, the Banque du Liban : ١ Expedite giving pre-approvals to importing companies, 2 Give approvals to all companies together, 3 Pay due bills of ships without delay. Otherwise, we will return to the queues and the lack of gasoline.

Hospitals: For its part, the Syndicate of Hospital Owners announced in a statement, “After lifting the fuel subsidy, bringing the price of a thousand liters to $620, the cost of energy for each patient in the hospital increased by no less than 650,000 LBP per day, which is seven times the official room tariff..” She added, “Also, private hospitals are a group that needs 130,000,000 million liters of mazut annually, which makes the cost of operating the generators 1,500,000,000,000,000 LBP. This amount exceeds the total amount that hospitals receive annually from all official guarantors, including Social Security and the Ministry of Health.” The military, the security forces and the state employees cooperative, and she concluded, “It is clear that hospitals cannot bear this burden, and it will be reflected in the cost of medicine in a dramatic way. problems in the last two years.

Tourist establishments: Not far away, said the Secretary General of the Federation of Tourist Establishments Jean Beiruti tomtv “The energy crisis threatens the tourist establishments, and the cost reaches an average of 35 percent of the operational costs.”

To connect what is broken: In the face of all these difficulties, Prime Minister Najib Mikati had a series of positions from his residence in Tripoli, where delegations congratulated him for forming the government. He said, “It is true that we are going through the most difficult stage in Lebanon’s history, and the imminent challenges are great, and people are hoping for a rescue action from the government that will rescue it from the various tragedies it is experiencing, which is something we are well aware of, and we have begun to do what must be done to put things on the path to a solution. But any solution remains incomplete if The government did not receive support from everyone in order to carry out the basic tasks entrusted to it politically, economically and socially, and implement what it committed in its ministerial statement and pledged to implement.” He added, “In this context, we count on full cooperation within the government, as well as with the Parliament to approve the projects necessary to move the economic wheel and the required reforms process. We hear many press analyzes that deal with Lebanon’s relations with Arab countries, which have reached the point of some marketing alleged mediation and absolute negatives in return. With With all due respect to what is said and written, the government will take all the required steps to reconnect those cut off in Lebanon’s relations with the Arab brothers, and we know in return the Arab brothers’ keenness to preserve Lebanon’s unity and protect it from any dangers that may surround it.This country has always been a message to embody love and coexistence. among religions, and the Arab brothers have always been quick to rescue him from his stumbles, whenever adversities befall him, based on their brotherly understanding of the privacy and diversity of its population fabric, especially after the experiences it went through in the recent past proved that, to the extent that this fabric remains unaffected, Lebanon remains a message, and to the extent that it burdens it with what it cannot bear, it becomes a burden on the shoulders of its people, brothers, friends and lovers. He continued, “The government is doing everything in its power, based on its concern for Lebanon’s supreme interest, which can only be achieved through its stability, the unity of its people, the preservation of its civil peace, and the strengthening of its historical relations with its Arab brothers and friends in the world.”

Government, elections and port: On the opposition side, member of the Strong Republic bloc, MP Strida Geagea, saw that “the new government must speed up the achievement, because the situation is exceptional and the crisis is very big and the Lebanese citizen cannot wait, because the deadlines in these circumstances are in hours, not in days and weeks,” pointing out that “what must be done is Starting it in order to give a glimmer of hope to the Lebanese is to work quickly to approve some reforms related to the issue of electricity, solve the fuel and medicine crisis and re-launch negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, which would give some confidence to the Lebanese in their country and thus reduce the very high rate of immigration in recent times.. She said, “We recently heard some voices that want to deprive the diaspora Lebanese from exercising what the constitution guarantees them of the right, which is to cast their votes in the upcoming parliamentary elections, which is a national right and never an arithmetic issue.” . And she considered that “justice is the basis of the king, and therefore the only guarantee for the establishment of any state is the judiciary, but unfortunately in Lebanon we are witnessing those who are trying by various means to obstruct this judiciary, especially in the matter of the investigation into the disastrous explosion of the port of Beirut. the case.

Repairing Relationships: In the international situation, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will hold talks in Paris next week, in a new attempt to ease tension after French anger over Australia’s abandonment of a contract to buy French submarines, according to what was attributed to the US State Department today, “AFP”.
State Department spokesman Ned Price said that Blinken will travel to Paris from Monday to Wednesday to attend the OECD Club meeting, and will meet with French officials to “further strengthen the vital relations between the United States and France.”“.

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