Mark will submit to FDA approval the drug she developed for Corona

Mark will submit to FDA approval the drug she developed for Corona
Mark will submit to FDA approval the drug she developed for Corona

The pharmaceutical company “Mark”, which operates in Israel under the name MSD, and its partner “Ridgeback Home Reputics”, have developed a drug against Corona and are now preparing to submit an application for emergency use to the FDA, the American media reported today (Friday). Preliminary results of a trial conducted by the company among less than 800 experimenters showed that the drug, Molnupiravir, led to an improvement in patients who received the pill. An interim analysis of the results revealed that the drug reduced hospitalizations and deaths by 50%.

The drug developed by the companies is given in pills to corona patients in a mild to moderate condition, and impairs the development of the virus within the body. An initial analysis of the third phase of the drug trial revealed that only 7.3% of the patients treated for it were hospitalized within about a month. For comparison, of the placebo recipients, 14.1% were hospitalized or died in the same period. Moreover, of the hundreds of patients who received the drug, no one died – compared with 8 deaths among the placebo-experienced experimenters.

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The final phase of the trial took place at more than 170 sites and in a number of countries such as the United States, Brazil, Italy and South Africa. At least one risk for the development of a serious illness, such as obesity, heart disease or age. Another encouraging point: the drug has worked well against several types of variants – including Delta.

“With these excellent results, we are optimistic that the drug will become an important tool in the global fight against the plague,” said Robert Davis, CEO of Soup. “We will do our best to bring it to patients as soon as possible.” We are very encouraged by the initial results. “

Soup has already started producing the drug, which if it gets the desired approval will become the first oral (given orally) drug against corona. The company is expected to produce 10 million doses for treatment by the end of the year, and will continue production next year as well. And what about poor countries that want to be treated? Mark has announced that they plan to create a flexible pricing mechanism that will allow broad access to the drug.


Mark submit FDA approval drug developed Corona

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