To combat Corona .. Saudi Arabia sets a condition for entering public places

On Friday, Saudi Arabia stipulated that all its residents receive a second dose of vaccines against the Corona virus to allow them to enter government, private and educational facilities and use public transportation and aircraft, according to what the Ministry of Interior announced, in an attempt to speed up the vaccination process.

And the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported in a statement, quoting an official source in the Ministry of Interior, that the decision will enter into force at “six o’clock in the morning of Sunday, October 10.”

And the ministry announced, “the requirement of immunization with two doses of approved vaccines in relation to entering any economic, commercial, cultural, recreational, sports or tourism activity. Entering any cultural, scientific, social or recreational event. Entering any governmental or private facility, whether for business performance or auditing.” boarding planes and public transportation.”

The ministry stressed that the decision comes in light of “the importance of completing doses of the approved vaccine to control the spread of the virus, especially the mutated strains of it.”

In May, the Kingdom announced that vaccination will be mandatory from August to enter public administrations and private institutions, including educational institutions and places of entertainment, as well as public transportation.

Starting last August, the Kingdom required all its citizens to receive a second dose of vaccines to allow them to travel outside the Kingdom.
As of Friday, Saudi Arabia had recorded more than 547,000 cases of coronavirus, including 8,719 deaths.

More than 42 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been administered in the country, which has more than 34 million people, according to Health Ministry data on Friday.
And 18.7 million citizens and residents received two doses of the vaccine, or about 53 percent of the country’s population, according to the same source.

Advertisements circulate in the streets and places of entertainment educating citizens about the need to speed up receiving the second dose of the vaccine.

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