We demand a serious stand on what is going on in Palestine

We demand a serious stand on what is going on in Palestine
We demand a serious stand on what is going on in Palestine

The Ambassador of Palestine, Ashraf Dabour, saluted the “sons of the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples and the steadfast people in the occupied territories”, during a celebration in memory of Gamal Abdel Nasser and in honor of the prisoners of Gilboa Prison and all the prisoners in Israeli prisons, considering that “the anniversary of the martyrdom of President Gamal Abdel Nasser It coincides with the commemoration of the Palestinian Flag Day, which is the summit of loyalty to the people of Palestine, its land, its wounded and its captives,” noting that “Martyr President Gamal Abdel Nasser realized from the beginning that what is happening in Palestine targets the Arab nation between the aggressor and the aggressor, and the duty to defend Palestine is a duty. National and Arab.

He pointed out, in the case revived by the “Independent Nasserite Movement – Al-Mourabitoun” at the Palestine Embassy in Beirut, that “what Commander Abdel Nasser warned of is happening today on the ground, and what Palestine is exposed to today constitutes an existential threat to Palestine, Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. We demand a serious stand, because the Zionist plans that are taking place aim at the liquidation of Jerusalem and the establishment of the alleged temple.”

He believed that “the unity that took place among the Palestinian people after the recent confrontations was affected by some political rivalries,” calling on “the Palestinian factions to unite around the Palestinian issue because it is the only salvation for the Palestinian people.”

In turn, the Secretary of the Al-Mourabitoun Leadership Council, Mustafa Hamdan, explained that “we will remain resistant, fight colonialism, always stand by the sons of freedom throughout the world. We call on all Arab nationalist forces to work seriously and constantly strive to abolish our selfishness and the names of our organizations and to announce the Arab national organization.” The one, unified, comprehensive and inclusive of all the elements of our strength, and not to compromise or compromise on our fourth dimension, in our ideological triad, which is the issue of Palestine and its liberation from its sea to its river, and the declaration of free Arab Jerusalem as its eternal capital.

He pointed out that “the Al-Murabitoun confirm that the project of the Islamist Brotherhood gangs, which was brought down by Abdel Nasser because he realized that they were the inevitable danger to fragment our Arab nation from its surroundings to its Arab Gulf, fell today at the gates of Cairo and the gates of Damascus,” noting that “”this Islamized project after its fall on these two. The two capitals are destined for the inevitable and final fall. We must not be complacent in confronting it comprehensively, intellectually and socially, and in fighting it.”

The former minister, Adnan Mansour, also saw that “with Nasser’s departure, the nation was drowned out by its problems,” stressing that “the Palestinian cause remains in the conscience of all the honorable Arab nation,” calling on “the factions of the Palestinian revolution to unite around their central cause.”

He pointed out that “the conflict with the enemy will not end, as long as there are usurped Arab lands. As for liberation, it will not happen through the United Nations or international resolutions, but with the help of resistance fighters from the ocean to the Gulf, because what was taken by force can only be recovered by force.”

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