A “security breakthrough” in Lebanon… Security officials reveal the reason

Security sources told“Lebanon 24” There is tangible relief in the street after the easing of the gasoline crisis, especially since the problems that the stations witnessed in the past have completely dissipated.

The sources pointed out that “the recent steps that took place regarding fuel contributed to resting the security forces in the first place, after they played a major role in the stations to organize work in them and suppress violations.”

The sources stated that “the relief of the crisis and the availability of fuel, contributed to the absence of black market dealers for gasoline,” and added: “Dissipating the problems and stopping them means putting an end to the security tension, especially since some areas were almost witnessing a escalation of the situation. However, the solution to the gasoline crisis stopped storing The fuel, which would have led to a major disaster in the homes in the event of any explosion.”


security breakthrough Lebanon Security officials reveal reason

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