News that concerns us all..This is the most dangerous point for the spread of Corona on the plane

News that concerns us all..This is the most dangerous point for the spread of Corona on the plane
News that concerns us all..This is the most dangerous point for the spread of Corona on the plane

Two years have passed since the presence of the new Corona virus in human lives, but it still preoccupies the situation and mind, and perhaps the relationship of the epidemic with travel is one of the most complex points, especially after the emergence of mutantes.

What is new today is what recent research has shown that the highest chances of catching the virus on the plane lie when eating meals, explaining that this is the most dangerous stage.

The study showed that the overall risks are still relatively low on the plane, but the virus variables may tip the equation

Research on the transmission of Covid 19 on flights indicated that airlines could adopt new policies to better protect their passengers, after scientists discovered a sharp increase in the potential spread during meal service on the plane, according to a report published by the American Wall Street Journal.

In turn, the chief medical officer of the American Beverly Hospital, and aviation medicine expert Mark Jendro, stressed that travel is still safe at this stage if appropriate precautions are taken, believing that it can be safer if all necessary measures are taken.

This is the most dangerous point

In the details, a recent medical study conducted by a group at the University of Greenwich in London found that the most dangerous stage of transmission of the virus with a high rate of 59%, is during the meal serving period, which extends for approximately one hour, in a 12-hour flight compared to staying committed to face masks throughout the trip. .

The study, published in the journal Travel of Travel Medicine this spring, modeled the dispersal of aerosols in the aircraft cabin, and found that if all passengers wore masks throughout a 12-hour flight, the average probability of infection could be reduced by 73% with high-efficiency masks and 32% For low-efficiency masks.

The biggest problem comes when everyone removes their masks at the same time, which is while eating.

Treating the food problem

Accordingly, the researchers suggested a treatment to solve the problem of food on the plane, by delivering meals in an organized manner, so that only half of the passengers eat at one time, while the neighboring passengers remain masked with masks.

In a related context, some recently published research also showed that getting on and off the plane poses greater transmission risks than when the plane is flying high.

They explained that people congregate and breathe on top of each other, especially when bags are pulled and pushed into the overhead bins of the plane.

They also noted that aircraft ventilation systems are very effective when seated at moving air straight down, filtering it with hospital-grade equipment, and mixing it with 50% of the outside air before returning it to the cabin.

Although some evidence is conflicting, medical research shows that business and first class are areas of lower transport risk because passengers are seated farther apart.

Great interest

It is worth noting that the spread of corona through travel is receiving great attention, as public health experts say that planes spread the epidemic virus around the world by transporting infected travelers.

However, they stressed that the risks from this appear to be very small in relation to the spread of viruses on board the plane.

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