Messi survives a robbery in Paris

Messi survives a robbery in Paris
Messi survives a robbery in Paris Paris Saint-Germain striker, Argentine Lionel Messi, escaped a robbery that took place at his hotel in Paris.

Hotel Le Royal Monceau was subjected to a robbery in which players participated, who stole large sums of money, in addition to jewelry.

And according to the British newspaper “The Sun”, the storming of the hotel took place from the roof of the building, where the thieves infiltrated one of the balconies, and from there they moved to a room whose window was open.

According to the British newspaper, the robbery affected the top floor of the suite where Messi resides, and 4 rooms were robbed.

A resident of the hotel stated that she discovered the theft of a gold necklace worth 3 thousand pounds, in addition to a sum of money of 2000 pounds.

The woman indicated that surveillance cameras spotted the thieves, but the police have not yet identified them.

The police commented on the incident, saying: “There has been a serious security breach, and the incident is being investigated. Initial evidence indicates that the gang has experience in such operations.”

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Messi survives robbery Paris

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