How did the experts see Carlos Queiroz’s choices for the Egyptian national team before the Libya matches?

How did the experts see Carlos Queiroz’s choices for the Egyptian national team before the Libya matches?
How did the experts see Carlos Queiroz’s choices for the Egyptian national team before the Libya matches?

The choices of the new technical staff of the Egyptian national team led by Portuguese Carlos Queiroz for the list of the Pharaohs for the two matches in Libya caused a lot of controversy.

Egypt will meet Libya in two highly anticipated matches in the third and fourth rounds of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, on October 8 and 11.

Carlos Queiroz chose 24 players in the final list of the Pharaohs to play the two matches, which raised many questions, especially after excluding the duo, Mohamed Sharif, the Al-Ahly striker and top scorer in the Egyptian League, and Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, the team’s playmaker.

The list of the Egyptian national team for the two matches included Mohamed El-Shennawy, Mohamed Abu Gabal, Mohamed Bassam and Mohamed Sobhi in goalkeepers, Akram Tawfiq, Ahmed Fathi, Ahmed Hegazy, Baher El-Mohammadi, Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wensh”, Yasser Ibrahim, Ahmed Aboul Fotouh and Ayman Ashraf in defense.

And in the midfield are Mohamed Elneny, Amr Al-Sulayya, Tariq Hamed, Hamdi Fathi, Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, Mohamed Salah, Abdullah Al-Saeed, Ibrahim Adel, Ramadan Sobhi, Omar Marmoush, and in the attack, Ahmed Hassan “Koka” and Mustafa Mohamed.

The technical director excluded Qafsha, Mohamed Sharif, Muhannad Lashin, Ahmed Samir, Ahmed Tawfiq, Ali Gabr, Mustafa Fathi and Mohamed Hamdi, along with the three professionals, Karim Hafez, Wissam Morsi, and Ahmed Yasser Rayan.

In the following lines, “Al Ain Sports” reviews the opinions of Egyptian football experts on Carlos Queiroz’s choices for the Egyptian national team in preparation for the two upcoming confrontations.

How experts saw the list of Egypt’s national team?

Taha Ismail, the former Al-Ahly star, believes that excluding Mohamed Sherif and Mohamed Magdy Qafsha from the final list of Egypt’s national team for the two matches of Libya is illogical, especially since they are better than some of the elements on the list in the current period.

The former Al-Ahly star stressed in exclusive statements to “Al-Ain Sports” that the duo are among the main elements in the Egyptian national team, and they are not alternatives, and their exclusion raises signs of confusion.

He added that the decision is in the first and last place for the technical director and his assistant staff, because he is the one who bears the responsibility for the results and performance in the end, and no one can impose his opinion on them.

For his part, Enppi coach Helmy Tolan confirmed that Egypt coach Carlos Queiroz has the first right to choose the list of the Pharaohs, adding in special statements that if everyone will interfere in his choices, he must share the responsibility with the coach.

Tolan said: “Nevertheless, there are views and postulates that do not accept differences in viewpoints, including that it is not logical to exclude Mohamed Sharif, the top scorer in the Egyptian league last season and the second top scorer in the season before last, as he scored Egypt’s two goals in the Liberia friendly, as well as Qafsha, the best playmaker of the season. elapsed.”

The technical director of the petroleum team added that Ahmed Hassan Koca had many opportunities with the national team and did not succeed in proving himself, pointing out that the rest of the excluded players had no dispute over their exclusion by a large percentage, concluding that there is a mystery behind the exclusion of the duo Mohamed Sharif and Mohamed Magdy Qafsha.

At the same time, Tariq Yahya, the former coach of Zamalek and the former White Castle star, believes that the exclusion of Mohamed Magdy Qafsha and Mohamed Sharif is a strange decision because they are important elements in the basic formation of the Egyptian team, and everyone was expecting their participation against Libya mainly.

He stressed that the Portuguese coach and his assistant staff have the right to choose in the end, but in the event of any negative result, the fans will hold them responsible.

The media, Ahmed Schubert, the former Al-Ahly goalkeeper, commented on the choices of the technical staff of the national team led by Carlos Queiroz to join the team’s camp, which starts on Saturday, in preparation for meeting the Libyan team in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Schubert wrote through his account on “Facebook”: “All respect to Carlos Queiroz and his assistant staff in his choices, but when the top scorer of the league and the scorer of the two goals in the only friendly match, Mohamed Sharif, and the exclusion of one of the best players last season, Majdi Qafsha, we have the right to ask strongly about the reasons”.

For his part, Ibrahim Saeed, the star of Al-Ahly, Zamalek and the former national team, commented on Queiroz’s choices, as he wrote on his page on the social networking site “Twitter”: “Carlos Queiroz was a goalkeeper, so he chose 4 goalkeepers in the list.”

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