Fatal accident: A motorcyclist was killed on Road 4 near Givat Shmuel – Ono News

A motorcyclist in his 30s was killed after slipping on Route 4 heading south near Givat Shmuel. MDA and Rescue Union medical teams report that when they arrived at the scene he was without signs of life and was left with no choice but to determine his death.

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MDA paramedic Tomer Guzman and MDA paramedic Shlomo Levy said: “The rider was lying on the road about 15 meters from the motorcycle while unconscious and suffering from a multi-system injury. We performed medical tests but he was without signs of life and we have nothing left. To determine his death. “

Rescue Union medic Avromi Stern said: “According to passers-by, the motorcyclist slipped and as a result suffered a multi-system injury. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist’s death was determined at the scene due to the nature of the serious injuries he suffered.”

The scene of the accident on Road 4 near Givat Shmuel. Photo: MDA operational documentation

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Fatal accident motorcyclist killed Road Givat Shmuel Ono News

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