Central – Dahr al-Baydar road cut off after the arrest of Druze Sheikh Jumblatt: a view that contradicts logic and principles!

central – The head of the “Progressive Socialist” Party, Walid Jumblatt, tweeted: “At the height of the tension in the days of demonstrations and protests, the roads of the mountain remained open. What is happening today is a scene that contradicts all logic, reason and principles by a group that distorts the image of the people of the mountain.”

Jumblatt’s tweet came after a number of protesters blocked the Dahr al-Baydar road at the Falougha junction and on Saadnayel Road in both directions, causing a stifling traffic jam in the place, where drivers were stuck inside their cars for hours.

Al-Jadeed TV pointed out that the traffic stop in Dahr al-Baydar and the blocking of the road came against the background of the arrest of a sheikh of the Druze Unitarian sect.

She also indicated that “the Dahr al-Baydar road was cut off due to the arrest of the so-called (H.H.), born in 1978, at the Masnaa border point when he moved to Syria, due to the presence of a search warrant and an investigation against him, in sympathy with the cable from the Qabrshomoul police station, with a summary of a ruling by the military court of a crime Firing from a military weapon.

Until now, the road is still completely closed, amid a heavy deployment of members of the Lebanese army.

The traffic control room reported that traffic was diverted from Sofar towards Hammana, due to traffic being cut off on Dahr al-Baydar Road.

In the afternoon, traffic was reopened on Dahr El Baidar Road at Falougha Junction.


Central Dahr alBaydar road cut arrest Druze Sheikh Jumblatt view contradicts logic principles

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