Al-Binaa: Is the negotiation period with the IMF prolonged?

Al-Binaa: Is the negotiation period with the IMF prolonged?
Al-Binaa: Is the negotiation period with the IMF prolonged?

I wrote “construction”:

Political sources indicated to “Al-Binaa” that “crises damage the country from all sides and the burdens are very heavy. Therefore, we need an urgent rescue process that requires an economic, financial and monetary emergency, and the entrance to this is the International Monetary Fund. There is no other option, otherwise we are trying in vain.” However, the sources confirmed that “the government is obligated to negotiate with the IMF, but on acceptable terms and consistent with our reality, circumstances and political structure.” Economic sources expected to Al-Binaa that the negotiation period would be prolonged and take multiple stages of studying the new situation in Lebanon, the government’s program and plans at various levels, and identifying financial losses in parallel with the start of the company in charge of criminal auditing of the accounts of the Banque du Liban and other basic institutions, and later distributing these losses among The Banque du Liban, the state treasury and the banks, then determining the public debt and how to pay it.” While the information indicates that the disagreement in the vision about determining the losses and the recovery plan between the three categories, the Banque du Liban, the banks and the Ministry of Finance is still governing this file, and therefore we do not know if the IMF will negotiate again with three delegations or one delegation.

However, the sources doubt the government’s ability to complete all these files and address this number of crises during its short life, which does not exceed five months, if we take into account the Christmas and New Year holidays and the government, ministers and political forces’ preoccupation with the parliamentary elections. The sources concluded by saying that “we are facing a waiting and anticipation stage, how the government will translate its rescue steps, any decisions it will take, and how fast it will be, because we are in a race against time.” With regard to the political evaluation of the first session, the sources pointed out that “we are governed by political balances that the government must adhere to in order to maintain stability.”

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AlBinaa negotiation period IMF prolonged

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