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homepage news A new Corona testing complex will be opened in Kiryat Haim

The complex will start operating on Sunday in a drive-in format, in the old Egged parking lot near the Zevulun police station, and will be available for insureds of all HMOs.

“Drive In” Complex For Corona Tests Photo (archive): MDA

A new Corona testing complex (PCR) will be opened on Sunday (October 3) in the old Egged parking lot in Kiryat Haim, next to the Zevulun police station. This is a collaboration between the Home Front Command and the Operations Administration of the Haifa Municipality, courtesy of Natsva. The complex will operate using the drive-in method, similar to the complex at Sami Ofer Stadium, and will be accessible only by vehicle. The complex will be available to the insured of all the health funds, without the need to make an appointment, and will operate between 10:00 in the morning and 18:00 in the evening.

The Home Front Command recommends checking the emergency portal regarding updated operating hours, before arriving at the compound. Entry will be possible from Gordonia Street in Kiryat Haim, and exit in the direction of Histadrut Boulevard (Road 4).


Corona testing complex open Kiryat Haim Radio Haifa

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