Learn about the performance of the Tamayouz Index during the past week

Learn about the performance of the Tamayouz Index during the past week
Learn about the performance of the Tamayouz Index during the past week

The performance of the Excellence Index on the Egyptian Stock Exchange witnessed, during the week ending, the last week of September.

The total trading value with the Excellence Index amounted to about 134.9 million pounds, and the amount of trading amounted to 401.1 million papers executed on 11.9 thousand transactions during the last week, and shares accounted for 36.35% of the total trading value inside the booth, while the trading value of bonds represented about 63.65%, according to the report. Weekly for the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

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The trading totals of the companies listed in the stock market indices were distributed between EGP 9.3 billion in the main index of the Stock Exchange, with a trading volume of 1.6 billion executed securities, and the number of transactions of 255.9 thousand. The trading value of “EGX 70” amounted to about 12.9 billion pounds, with a trading volume of 5.2 billion executed securities During 475.1 thousand transactions, the value of trading in “EGX 100” amounted to about 22.2 billion pounds, with a trading volume of 6.8 billion securities executed through 731 thousand operations.

The stock exchange or the stock market is defined as a market, but it differs from other markets, as it does not display and does not own, in most cases, goods and commodities. Stock.

The stock market has legal and technical rules that govern its performance and how to choose a particular security and the timing of its disposal. An irrational or unqualified investor may suffer a major loss in the event that he buys or sells securities on the stock exchange because he based his conclusions on buying or selling on wrong or incorrect data. accurate or he misjudged that data.

Given the atmosphere of free competition in the stock market (the stock market), this often leads to intense speculative operations in which major financial institutions collapsed, as happened on Black Monday in the New York Stock Exchange, or the other famous Black Monday in Kuwait in 1983 When the losses in the Al-Manakh stock market amounted to nearly $22 billion. Or the February disaster in the Saudi stock market, where the index lost 50% of its value, and most Saudi traders lost 75% of their capital, as well as the Black Tuesday disaster on March 14, 2006.


Learn performance Tamayouz Index week

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