Egypt News.. President Sisi inspects the new axes and roads in the Cairo Airport area

Egypt News.. President Sisi inspects the new axes and roads in the Cairo Airport area
Egypt News.. President Sisi inspects the new axes and roads in the Cairo Airport area

During the past few hours, the seventh day published a set of important news, chief among them. Today, Friday, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi made an inspection tour of the expansion works of the Ring Road, as well as a number of axes and new roads in the Cairo Airport area..

Ambassador Bassam Rady, the official spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, said that President El-Sisi inspected the development and expansion works in the axes surrounding the geographical sector at Cairo International Airport, especially the highway axis, as well as expanding and raising the efficiency of all internal roads to the residential neighborhoods surrounding the Sheraton area to reduce traffic congestion for vehicles and achieve smooth transportation. Citizens to and from the region, linking it to the main axes.

The President also inspected the progress of the executive position by expanding and raising the efficiency of the ring road surrounding Greater Cairo, especially the sector extending from the Autostrad axis in East Cairo to the Munib area to become 8 traffic lanes for each direction instead of 4 lanes, while providing it with all the necessary services..

The President stopped during the inspection tour to discuss with the officials at the work sites the details of the construction steps and the timing of implementation.. The following is a summary of Egypt’s news of the most important news.

Europeans begin to be barred from entering Britain using ID cards due to Brexit

The measure to prevent entry into the UK territory using ID cards issued by the European Union and the European Economic Area countries in the post-Brexit era will enter into force on Friday, the British government announced, and it was published by the “Euronews” network.

Under plans announced by London about a year ago, the majority of citizens of Switzerland, the European Union and the European Economic Area countries will be required to hold a valid passport to enter the territory of the United Kingdom from October 1..

Britain has made it clear that this measure, which comes on the heels of its final exit from the European Union earlier this year, is necessary to reduce the possibility of using falsifiable documents easier to enter its territory, and to combat crime and stop illegal immigrants..

British Home Secretary Priti Patel said in a statement Thursday night that London “must catch criminals who seek to enter our country illegally using false documents.” “By stopping the use of unsecure ID cards, we are strengthening our borders and prioritizing people by taking back control of the UK’s immigration system,” she said..

Hot weather tomorrow in Cairo and light rain on the western and great coasts of 30 degrees

The Meteorological Authority expects that tomorrow, Saturday, will witness a continued drop in temperatures in all parts, as hot weather prevails over Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, and northern Upper Egypt, moderate on the northern coasts, heat inclined on southern Sinai, hot in the south of the country. .

As for the weather at night, pleasant weather prevails in the north of the country until Greater Cairo, moderate heat throughout.

And the Meteorological Authority stated, that tomorrow, Saturday, wind activity on areas of the western coasts and South Sinai at intermittent periods, and water mist in the morning on some agricultural and highway roads and close to water bodies leading to and from Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern and central Sinai coasts, and chances of light rain on Separate areas of the western coasts intermittently.

As for the temperatures, tomorrow, Saturday: Great Cairo 30 degrees and the smallest 21 degrees, the great Alexandria 27 and the small 21 degrees, the great Matrouh 26 degrees and the low 22 degrees, the great Sohag 33 degrees and the low 22 degrees, the great Qena 34 degrees and the small 23 degrees, and the great Aswan 36 degrees The lowest is 24 degrees.

The Financial Supervisory Authority approves the issuance of shares for the establishment of new companies at 107.4 billion pounds in 7 months

The Financial Supervisory Authority announced the number of approvals regarding the issuance of shares for establishing new companies and increasing the capital of existing companies during the month of July, reaching 228 approvals with an issued value of 14.6 billion pounds, compared to 292 approvals during July of 2020, with an issued value of 18.2 billion pounds. Then the number of issuances witnessed a decline of 21.9%, and the value of incorporation and capital increases decreased by 19.8.%.

The approvals were distributed between 140 approvals for the establishment of companies worth 1.7 billion pounds during July of 2021, compared to 217 approvals worth 2.4 billion pounds during July 2020, with a 35.5% decrease in the number of approvals, and 30.2% in the value of incorporation, while the number of approvals for share issuances increased. The capital was 83 approvals worth 9.8 billion pounds during July 2021, compared to 73 approvals worth 5.2 billion pounds during July 2020, with a growth rate of 13.7% in the number of approvals and a growth of 87.1% in the value of the establishment.

The list of the names of the national team players in preparation for Libya .. the exclusion of Sharif and Afsha

The technical staff of the national team, led by Carlos Queiroz, announced the list of players selected to join the team camp, which starts tomorrow, in preparation for meeting the Libyan team in the World Cup qualifiers. The list includes 24 players who are:

Goalkeepers: Mohamed El-Shennawy, Mohamed Abu Jabal, Mohamed Bassam and Mohamed Sobhi.

Defense: Akram Tawfik, Ahmed Fathi, Ahmed Hegazy and Baher Al-Mohammadi, Mahmoud Hamdi “Al Wensh”, Yasser Ibrahim, Ahmed Aboul Fotouh and Ayman Ashraf.

Middle: Mohamed Elneny, Amr Al-Soliya, Tarek Hamed and Hamdi Fathi.

Attacking midfielder: Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, Mohamed Salah, Abdullah Al-Saeed, Ibrahim Adel, Ramadan Sobhi and Omar Marmoush.

Attack: Ahmed Hassan “Koka” and Mustafa Mohamed.

Starting from 6 pm.. Find out the closing dates of shops, cafes and workshops starting today

Today, Friday, the governorates begin to apply winter dates for opening and closing shops, public restaurants, cafes, workshops, crafts and malls, according to the decision of the Minister of Local Development to organize opening and closing dates for shops, which stipulates that the last day for applying summer dates will be Thursday 30 September, while Friday 1 October First day of applying winter appointments.

According to the decision, the winter dates for opening and closing shops, restaurants and cafes are as follows:

1. Opening of all shops and malls except for restaurants, cafes and bazaars organized daily from 7 in the morning and closed at 10 in the evening.

2. The timing is increased on Thursday and Friday and on holidays and official state holidays to close at eleven in the evening.

3. Opening times for restaurants, cafes and bazaars, including those in commercial malls, daily from five in the morning and close at twelve midnight.

4. The timing is increased during the winter period on Thursday and Friday and on holidays and official state holidays to close at one in the morning

5. Continuing takeaway service (Take – away)

6. Continuing a 24-hour home delivery service for restaurants and cafes.

7. Opening times for all workshops and crafts shops within the residential block daily from eight in the morning and close at six in the evening.

Local development: Experimental implementation of the unified national network for emergencies in 5 governorates

Major General Mahmoud Sharawy, Minister of Local Development, confirmed that the public safety network, which is a qualitative leap in achieving full and rapid coordination between all concerned parties to speed up the provision of emergency services and facilities, contain crises and manage them with full and high efficiency in the shortest possible time, will be implemented on an experimental basis in Port Said Governorate and will be implemented experimentally during The coming period in the governorates of Ismailia, Suez, Luxor and South Sinai, in preparation for its circulation in all governorates.

Shaarawy indicated, in a statement, that the implementation of this network comes within the framework of implementing the mandates of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, so that the network is fully prepared to manage the provision of emergency services and facilities and control any crisis in the Egyptian governorates, pointing to the ministry’s participation with the ministries of defense, interior, communications, health and petroleum. And the National Authority for Information and Electricity in the implementation of the network at the level of the Republic.

He explained that the national project for the unified national network is a national governmental wireless mobile network that operates on the fourth generation technology and is separate from the Internet and all other mobile networks. In the response between the National Network for Emergency and Public Safety and the operations rooms of the concerned authorities to serve both citizens and tourists, and the new project works to provide data and modern procedures while highlighting the role of modern applications in support and decision-making.

Talgo trains manufactured in Spain for Egypt..the highest levels of luxury and safety

Talgo’s factories in northern Spain continue to manufacture 6 new air-conditioned trains, according to the contract concluded between the Egyptian Ministry of Transport and the company, at a total cost of 157 million euros, including maintenance and spare parts contract..

According to a statement by the Ministry of Transport today, Talgo confirmed that the first train from a deal to manufacture and supply 6 trains for the Egyptian Railways Authority is in the final stage of manufacturing, while the second train is in the assembly stage and the structure of the carriages of the third and fourth trains is currently being assembled. It currently takes first priority among other trains that are manufactured for Germany and Spain.

The Ministry of Transport confirmed that the deal comes within its comprehensive plan to develop the fleet of vehicles and trains at the railway facility, and that this contract, in addition to the contract with the Hungarian-Russian alliance that is being implemented to supply 1,300 new passenger vehicles, represents a major qualitative leap in the level of service provided to the public of passengers.

Cairo Health Seizes 2.5 million smuggled pills, worth 20 million pounds

The General Department of Pharmacy in the Health Affairs Directorate in Cairo, affiliated to the Ministry of Health, managed to seize an unlicensed store that distributes smuggled and unregistered medicines at the Egyptian Ministry of Health, to public pharmacies and clinics throughout Cairo, the interior, and the task was carried out by Dr. Salma Al-Anwar, Deputy Director of the Pharmacy Inspection Department in the Directorate and Dr. Mohamed Salah, and Dr. Bassem Mohamed Fawzy, pharmacy inspectors.

This came under the follow-up of Dr. Iman Abdo, Director of the Pharmacy Inspection at the Directorate of Health Affairs in Cairo, and in coordination with Major General Essam El-Azab, Major General Mohamed Ragaei, Colonel Abdel Aziz El-Hamouli and Lt. Colonel Mustafa Zayed from the General Administration of Supply and Internal Trade Police.

Ola Khattab, Director of the General Administration of Pharmacy at the Directorate of Health Affairs in Cairo, said that a huge amount of smuggled drugs of unknown source was found, estimated at about 2.5 million smuggled pills..

Dr. Ola Khattab, Director of the General Administration of Pharmacy, stated that the financial value of the seizures is estimated at about 20 million pounds, and the person who owns the store was arrested and found to be a university student..

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