Expo is a prominent platform to stimulate the global economy

Expo is a prominent platform to stimulate the global economy
Expo is a prominent platform to stimulate the global economy

Saif Abdullah Mohammed Al Shamsi, the country’s ambassador to Thailand, stressed that Expo 2020 Dubai creates promising opportunities for all participating countries and contributes to supporting efforts to stimulate the global economy and enhance confidence in sectors affected by the “Covid 19” pandemic.

He said that the UAE’s hosting of the global event stems from its commitment to work hand in hand with international partners in order to address the challenges facing the world and seek solutions to them in the spirit of collective cooperation.

He added: “Since the announcement of the hosting of Expo 2020 Dubai, efforts and meetings have been combined with officials in the participating countries to inform them of the developments and progress achieved. worldwide.”

He stressed that Expo 2020 Dubai is an important global event that contributes to strengthening bilateral relations between the UAE and Thailand at various levels.

He pointed out that the UAE Embassy in Thailand was keen throughout the past period and before the event began to hold several events, including, but not limited to, the countdown to Expo 2020 Dubai to highlight the concept of connecting minds and creating the future.. Noting that the country’s embassy was keen to respond directly to the public. Thais interested in participating and visiting the Expo by providing information, proposals and facilities for participating in this giant event, as well as clarifying the facilities and privileges offered by the state to provide safe and enjoyable travel for all.

He stressed that out of the UAE’s commitment to work hand in hand with international partners, the organization of this global event, which is a comprehensive international forum, came to address the challenges facing the world and seek solutions to them in a spirit of collective cooperation.

On the role of Expo 2020 Dubai in promoting international cooperation and stimulating global economic growth, Al Shamsi said: “Expo 2020 Dubai constitutes a unique opportunity for the economies of the participating countries, as it creates promising opportunities to create links and enhance cooperation between countries to support stimulating the global economy and restore confidence to sectors affected by the pandemic, and this is considered It is a key axis in promoting development and attracting investment, and it will certainly contribute to supporting economic sectors and creating job opportunities.

He explained that Expo 2020 Dubai is a prominent global platform and an oasis that accommodates everyone of different nationalities and cultures, which enhances cultural exchange and spreads the values ​​of tolerance. This great event is a message of peace from the UAE to meet everyone under the dome of tolerance, coexistence and human brotherhood.

He pointed out that Expo 2020 Dubai is witnessing the launch of many discussion panels and dialogues that promote the concepts of tolerance and harmony among all in order to promote the lofty values ​​advocated by the UAE.

Thailand is participating in its largest pavilion in nearly 150 years with the aim of highlighting the concept behind “Digital Thailand” as well as its technology-driven economic vision.

The Thailand Pavilion provides an inspiring environment for discussion and collaboration within a vast space of creativity and sustainability. Visitors from all over the world are invited to exchange ideas and discuss how innovation and digital technology can boost the economy and improve society as a whole.

The suite works to highlight the authentic Thai culture, while the entire area of ​​the suite will be filled with charming colors and decorations, providing each visitor with a wonderful reception.

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