With meat and a cleaver.. Hama Beka publishes a video and comments our fatigue and wretchedness so that we know how to live

Festival singer Hamu Beka posted a video clip on his personal and official page on the social networking site Facebook, and he appeared working with his hand inside his restaurant and cutting meat, and he spoke during the video and said, My family is all butchers and butchers.

Beca commented on the video and said, “From our childhood, we have been tired and wretched so that we know how to live, so that we do not speak to anyone who is religious, so that we raise the head of our parents among the people, we did not take it easy, by God.

He added, “Because our Lord honors us in songs and festivals, we strive with his consent, because our Lord honors me in my project and I work in it with my hands and work with the people who work in the place, even if I do not believe in the soul and see with your eyes.

In a related context, Hamo Beka is currently preparing to open his second restaurant in the 6th of October area, and he announced this news on Instagram, and said that the second branch of my restaurant will soon open inside City Park 6th of October, wait for the strongest opening very soon.

It is reported that Beka opened, during the last month, the first branch of his restaurant in Alexandria Governorate, and he received a great turnout from his fans, while he is inside the restaurant most of the time, and he publishes many videos that he always shares with his fans.


meat cleaver Hama Beka publishes video comments fatigue wretchedness live

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