Hidden in “cocoa” .. 12 million Captagon pills were seized in Saudi Arabia

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority at Jeddah Islamic Port has thwarted an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of Captagon pills, amounting to more than 12 million pills, which were found hidden in a consignment of “cocoa beans” imported to the Kingdom through the port.

The authority explained that the seizure process took place after the cocoa consignment was subjected to customs procedures and detected through security techniques at the port, where that quantity of Captagon beans was found technically hidden within the cocoa beans.

She also indicated that coordination was coordinated with the General Directorate of Narcotics Control to ensure the arrest of the recipients of the seizures inside the Kingdom, and they were arrested.

Last August, the authority thwarted two attempts to smuggle a large amount of Captagon pills into the Kingdom through Jeddah Islamic Port. In the first attempt, more than 8.7 million Captagon pills were seized, which were hidden in the consignment of “cocoa”, while during the second attempt 1.6 million pills were seized. Hidden inside the floor of one of the trucks coming through the port.

Captagon pills hidden in a consignment of “cocoa”.

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority confirmed that it is continuing to tighten customs control over the Kingdom’s imports and that it is standing by the smugglers’ attempts.

And she called for contributing to the fight against smuggling to protect society and the national economy by communicating with her on the number designated for security reports (1910) or via e-mail [email protected] or the international number (00966114208417), where the authority, through these channels, receives reports related to crimes Smuggling and violations of the provisions of the unified customs system in complete secrecy, with a financial reward given to the whistleblower in the event that the notification information is correct.

Captagon pills hidden in a consignment of “cocoa”

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