The #1 drink for weight loss isn’t green tea

Some drinks, especially water and green tea, are famous for their ability to support the process of losing weight in humans, as water is at the top of the most important nutrients in addition to enhancing the feeling of satiety, while green tea actually supports the process of burning fat, but experts noted that the presence of a drink may It outperforms all of the above drinks in supporting the actual and rapid weight loss process.

A large study based on data from the National Health Examination Survey (NHANES) in America, published in the “Annals of Family Medicine” medical journal, confirmed a close and significant association between low amounts of water or drinking little water and obesity in humans, which confirms that Eating more water supports the weight loss process.

But the article published in the American magazine “Eat This, Not That”, under the title “The No. 1 Drink for Weight Loss According to Experts” revealed each hot drink that outperforms all of the above in supporting the weight loss process due to its unique properties.

A common drink in the Arab world is more efficient

The expert in the field of nutrition, Dr. Theresa Best, indicated that drinking hot cumin water actually supports the process of losing weight.

The expert noted that cumin syrup can be prepared easily at home by boiling dried cumin seeds, which contain large amounts of antioxidants that support the improvement of the immune system, intestinal health, reduce inflammation and keep cancer away.

“A lot of research has been done on the benefits of cumin in reducing (body) fat, and it has been shown to increase the metabolic rate of those who have had trouble losing weight,” says Best. The expert explained that having a “faster metabolism means that the body burns calories at a higher rate.”

The article touched on a small clinical trial involving 88 obese women, where an experimental group of women ate yogurt with cumin twice daily while the control group was given yogurt without cumin.

The results published in the journal “National Institutes of Health” showed that the women who consumed only cumin had a significant decrease in weight and had a decrease in their body mass index, waist circumference and fat mass. Their levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, and “bad” LDL (“bad”) cholesterol decreased, while their levels of “good” HDL cholesterol increased.

And the expert adds Best, explaining that cumin water helps regulate blood sugar levels by helping cells respond properly to glucose and insulin. Where the high level of sugar in the blood leads to the storage of glucose in human cells in proportions exceeding the cell’s energy needs, which in turn is converted into fats.

The best way to prepare, according to the experts

The article indicated the best way to prepare cumin water. Soak a tablespoon of cumin seeds in a cup or two of water overnight. The next morning, the mixture must be boiled for 5 minutes, and once the water cools, it must be filtered from the seeds, and it can be eaten hot or cold as desired, and the expert advised adding cinnamon to improve its flavor.

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