Interns against the Minister: “Spitting in the face”

Interns against the Minister: “Spitting in the face”
Interns against the Minister: “Spitting in the face”

Benzi Robin, Matti Bernhart, Knitted News01.10.21 14:56 25 Tishrei Tishpev

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Ahead of the discussion on the outline for shortening the interns ‘shifts, which will take place this coming Sunday in the Knesset Health Committee, the interns’ organization says that the current outline is relevant to only 10% of the protesters.

“At the moment, the outline for shortening shifts includes a cut in 2022 for only about 10% of interns and leaves the main workforce in hospitals, hospitals and boarding schools behind – we can not let that happen. Nothing will rise and fall on it! “Said Dr. Ray Bitton, chairman of the prescription doctors’ association.

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“The internal and the MLRD are the backbone of the public health system. The same public meets when he comes to the hospital, and the public deserves doctors who do not fall asleep in front of their eyes. The Ministry of Finance is also spitting in the face of the corona fighters, and it is a serious blow to the public. We call on the Ministry of Finance to add The budget required immediately to allow this. As long as this does not happen, we will not be left with a choice and we will have to lead to a mass resignation in every hospital in the country.

As will be recalled, on October 6, 2021, the general permit for weekly work and rest hours and the scope of overtime in medical institutions will expire.

Yesterday, the Minister of Economy and Industry published the draft for shortening the shifts, which mainly reduces the scope of working hours to 18 hours and limits to up to six shifts per month. The proposed outline will start at ten hospitals in the periphery as recommended by the Ministry of Health (except for specialization in surgical professions) and will be gradually expanded over the next five years to all interns in the country. Its various aspects.

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Interns Minister Spitting face

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