There are those who wanted people to live decently in Lebanon and deter the might of America

There are those who wanted people to live decently in Lebanon and deter the might of America
There are those who wanted people to live decently in Lebanon and deter the might of America

Member of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc MP Ali Miqdad indicated that “the resistance arose after the Lebanese state decided to abandon its role in resisting the occupation and liberating the land, and thanks to the sacrifices of the Mujahideen and the blood of the martyrs, the wounded and the prisoners, the land was liberated, the Israeli enemy was defeated, and victory was achieved.” .

During a press conference with the mayor of Baalbek Fouad Blouq, we announced the launch of a campaign to pave and rehabilitate the city’s main roads. He pointed out that “Hezbollah will continue to fulfill its duty towards its people in all Lebanon, and will not hesitate to provide whatever capabilities it can to serve the people of Lebanon.” people, and to continue offerings and aid in light of a situation in which the state’s situation has reached the stage of dilapidation,” considering that “there is a need today to rehabilitate the roads, and provide fuel oil, to secure heating, and we are at the gates of winter, and to provide medicine and food.”

Al-Miqdad explained, “Breaking the American siege means a lot on the political level, and no one will forget that a million Iraqi children died due to the American blockade, and today in Lebanon there are those who wanted people to live a decent life, deterring America’s might, and sending a message rejecting humiliation and humiliation.”

And he believed that “the government was formed and started its work, and this is, in our opinion, an achievement in the face of everyone who was obstructing its birth, but unfortunately we heard one of the ministers say that prices are acceptable.” Possibly,” he explained, “in addition to what the Hezbollah leadership in the Bekaa region provided to improve a number of roads, there are some roads financed by the World Bank that the contractor will start implementing soon, and the Japanese loan will include another group of roads in Baalbek-Hermel governorate.”

In turn, the mayor of Baalbek expressed his “thanks and gratitude to everyone who stood by us in the days of difficulties, especially the bold decision that broke the siege on Lebanon and the Lebanese, imposed on us and sister Syria by the American administration, and a heartfelt thanks to the Islamic Republic and the leadership of Hezbollah, who broke the siege.” We began to see a smile returning to the faces of all the Lebanese, because the Iranian diesel that entered the country benefited all of Lebanon.”

He pointed out that Iranian diesel provided “the necessary fuels for hospitals, health centers, ovens, medicine and serum factories, orphanages, the elderly and social care, to operate water wells, and to reduce the electricity bill for the Lebanese citizen, who is groaning from the economic and living hardship,” noting that “” Once again, the leadership of the Bekaa region in Hezbollah is extending a helping hand and assistance in paving and rehabilitating our main roads, by giving a gift to the municipality of Baalbek, which is 3000 tons of asphalt, valued at about 200 thousand dollars, and the party has always promised us to be on the side of people in every times and times of crisis.

The mayor also praised the efforts of the former Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, pointing to “equipping government hospitals and strengthening their capabilities, in the face of the Corona pandemic, and taking the lead in drug monopolists and traffickers in the health and suffering of people, hoping that the new minister will give the health situation the required care. Hamad’s approach in light of the Corona crisis, in which the number of people infected with it began to increase day by day, with a noticeable increase in the death rate,” he called on citizens to “initiate to register on the platform to receive the vaccine, because it is the most effective way in the process of community immunization.”

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