James Bond: No Time To Die fetches £5m on first day in Britain

James Bond: No Time To Die fetches £5m on first day in Britain
James Bond: No Time To Die fetches £5m on first day in Britain

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The movie is the last for Daniel Craig as James Bond

The new James Bond movie, No Time To Die, brought in between 4.5 and 5 million pounds on its first day of release in cinemas in Britain and Ireland, according to producers’ estimates.

The film, which is the last for Daniel Craig as James Bond, has been delayed in cinemas several times due to the Corona virus pandemic.

The film industry is awaiting the film’s presentation, and is watching its returns to see if it can return the revenue numbers to what they were before the pandemic.

The movie’s revenues on Thursday were 13 percent higher than the previous opening day of the series, Specter in 2015, but at the same time 26 percent less than the revenues of the 2012 movie Skyfall, according to the company that produced Universal.

The company added that No Time to Die had the largest opening ceremony for a cinematic work, ever, in the history of the United Kingdom.

The film was shown in 772 theaters, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, on Thursday, which is twenty-five more theaters than the Skywalker movie, in the Star Wars series, which was launched in 2019, and its release was the largest at the time.

And the company, Gower Street, the statistics company, which specializes in film technology, expected the film to account for 92 percent of the total revenues of theaters, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, during the opening week.

More than 30,000 viewers attended the opening screening of the film, which began at midnight, after selling about 1.6 million tickets in advance, four days before the movie was released in theaters.

According to the producing company, this number of tickets sold in advance exceeds that of the movie Specter by 12 percent, and is almost equal to the movie Skyfall.

Charles Gant, editor of Screen International, a British art magazine interested in cinema, said the film’s earnings were “difficult to expect” but initial numbers indicated that it would be a “must-see, because it has the interest of all communities,” which it did not. Cinemas have witnessed it, since returning to work after stopping during the Corona virus period.

Gantt said it was a “great relief for those working in the field”, adding that it was helping to “bring viewers back to cinemas” where they could see trailers for new films due to be released next winter.

He said the film “does not need to generate revenues equal to Specter and Skyfall, which exceeded £95m in the UK and Ireland”.

He pointed out that the film only needs to achieve revenues close to the two films “Casino Royale”, which brought in 56 million pounds, and Quantum of Solace, which brought in 51 million pounds.

He added that all indicators suggest that the film will achieve this, paving the way for the cinema sector to return to its previous era before the pandemic.

The film is the twenty-fifth in the Bond series, and the last appearance of Daniel Craig as James Bond, and was directed by American Cary Joy Fukunaga.

The film includes stars such as, Lea Seydoux, Rami Malek, and Lashana Lynch. It is expected to generate revenues of more than 90 million dollars, through cinemas around the world, within a week of its release.

Most critics praised the level of the film, after seeing it in a special show, this week, in London, and gave it high ratings, but some criticized the length of the film, which exceeds 163 minutes, “unjustifiably.”

The film was released Wednesday in theaters in South Korea, a day before it was released in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, but it will not be released in theaters in the United States until the end of next week.

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