27 Israelis have died from Corona in the last day Haim Ramon: “Bennett must resign”

27 Israelis have died from Corona in the last day Haim Ramon: “Bennett must resign”
27 Israelis have died from Corona in the last day Haim Ramon: “Bennett must resign”

The Ministry of Health this morning (Friday) updated the data on corona morbidity, which shows that in the last day 4,313 people were confirmed for the virus, out of 115,148 tests. In the hospitals, there was a decrease of 32 patients hospitalized in a serious condition to 607, and a decrease was also recorded in the number of respirators to 214. On the other hand, in the last day, 27 patients have died from the virus, and a total of 7,761 people have died since the outbreak of the corona in Israel.

Former Minister Haim Ramon today attacked Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the policies he is pursuing in the war against the Chinese virus. Ramon said harsh words in an interview on 103FM: “He built an Israeli model that no country has adopted. This model has degraded the State of Israel.” He then added: “As a result of his policy there was unnecessary death of hundreds of people and thousands of seriously ill – he has to resign.”

Haim Ramon portrayed his harsh criticism of Bennett as objective because he had previously attacked Benjamin Netanyahu when he was prime minister. “I have no position, I attacked Netanyahu and demanded that he resign after he failed in Corona and I attack Bennett after the failure.”

Director General of the Ministry of Health: “Estimates that the fourth wave is over”

The director general of the Ministry of Health, Professor Nachman Ash, referred this morning in an interview on 103FM to the Corona disease and restrictions on the public: “I am not sure that more restrictions are needed, we are on a good downward trend. We consider matter-of-factly every time, we have no instinct to bring restrictions in every discussion. “

He added: “In my opinion we are on our way out of this wave. If I have to guess, there will be no fifth wave. It depends on us getting vaccinated. I hope we can prevent a fifth wave and move on to the disease being a disease that accompanies us.”

On the entry into force of the new green label, he said: “There will be enforcement by the police as much as possible. There is also a matter of civic behavior here that I hope will escalate – people need to make a decision not to enter an event where they do not check because there is a higher risk.”


Israelis died Corona day Haim Ramon Bennett resign

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